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RewardDouble Jump


Well, well, well. The first boss. You've been waiting for this guy, haven't you? Don't worry. For a first boss he's pretty easy to beat.


His attacks are based on his colors. If he's red, he'll shoot a lazer from him mouth. Get above him, or behind him to avoid this. If he's blue, he'll send electric balls around the field. Get to further away from these to avoid them. When he's normal color, he'll lunge from one side of the stage to the other. Slide under him to avoid it.


  • Fire beam - He shoots a beam of fire that englufs ground in front of him. He only does this when standing on one of the platforms, so simply stand under him. If you have an axe, you can throw them at him from below.
  • Electric Balls - A couple of large blue orbs flow around the room firing electricity straight down. He's standing still at this point, so you can hit him with your whip.
  • Lunge - He'll jump straight forward and cross the room. Don't stand in front of him.If he's on the ground, move to the uppermost platform above, otherwise get on the ground directly underneath

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