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Simon Belmont
Full NameSimon Belmont
Race/StatusHuman/Vampire Hunter
FamilyJuste Belmont
AlignmentThe Belmont Clan
WeaponsVampire Killer
Castlevania II: Simon's Quest
Non-CanonicalCastlevania: Harmony of Dissonance
Castlevania Judgment

[edit] Background

Simon Belmont is the most powerful and the most recognized member of the Belmont family. Simon was the first hero in the Castlevania series, making his debut appearance in the original Castlevania game. Simon fought Count Dracula and his army of monsters and the undead, then as he fought Dracula, he was wounded, but defeated the count. Several months later, he discovered that his wounds have a deathly curse in them, and in order to break the curse, he must find the remains of Count Dracula and burn them.

Simon also appeared in a few compilation Castlevania games, Vampire Killer, Haunted Castle, Castlevania Chronicles, and Super Castlevania 4.

[edit] Gallery

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