Annette Renard

Annette Renard
Full NameAnnette Renard
AgeBorn 1775
FamilyRichter Belmont (boyfriend)
Maria Renard (sister)
AppearancesCastlevania: Rondo of Blood

[edit] Background

She is the fiancee of Richter Belmont. She is one of the girls kidnapped after the resurrection of Dracula and the attack of his army. In Castlevania: Dracula X your goal is to save Annette and if you fail you'll have to experience her soul being consumed. After this she comes back as a boss as a follower of Camilla on top of a giant skull with the name of Skull Sorceress. This is slightly different to what happens in the remake, Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles. She becomes a main boss as an L. Vampiress who uses bat swarms as a form of self protection. If she is saved then this boss is moved to a different level and is no longer a creation of herself.

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