Castlevania: Bloodlines

    "Vampire Killer" is this game's name in Japan. If you were looking for the article about the whip, see Vampire Killer.
Castlevania: Bloodlines
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PlatformSega Genesis
Release Date(s)US: March 17, 1994

JP: March 18, 1994

EU: March 20, 1994
GenrePlatformer Action
RatingsVRC: (GA) for General Audiences
Mode(s)1 Player

Castlevania: Bloodlines was the first and the only of the Castlevania games to be made on the Sega Genesis.


[edit] Background

[edit] Gameplay

As a player of Bloodlines, you will proceed through the levels defeating enemies that get in your path, and collect gems, used to power up the range of obtainable weapons. At the end of each stage there will be bosses to face, more challenging then the average enemy.

[edit] Plot

Castlevania: Bloodlines takes place during 1917. As well as the usual setting of Dracula's castle, players can experience settings in places such as Athens, Pisa, Germany and Versailles.

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[edit] Characters

[edit] Enemies

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Preceded by
Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
This is the 10th game in the
Castlevania series
Succeeded by
Castlevania: Dracula X

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