Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Kojima Productions
Platform(s)Xbox360, Playstation3
Release Date(s)NA: Q2 2010
JP: Q2 2010
RatingsESRB: TBA
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Lords of Shadow is the first game in the new Castlevania canon, featuring a new story and characters while also retaining some familiar elements from the original canon. The story follows the new protagonist Gabriel Belmont who is on a quest to defeat the Lords of Shadow and recover an artefact known as the God Mask. Gabriel wields a whip-type weapon known as the Combat Cross.


[edit] Description

Lords of Shadow is set in a time when the forces of darkness are overwhelming mankind. After the late wife of Gabriel speaks to him in a dream, he is sent to look for the Guardian of the Lake to help him make sense of the dream. Gabriel discovers that the reason for the dark forces sudden increase in strength is due to the Earth and Heaven being separated by some dark power. Gabriel then sets out on a quest to defeat the Lords of Shadow and claim their power, so that he may reunite the Earth and Heaven, as well as bring his wife, Marie, back to life.

[edit] Chapters

The story of Lords of Shadow is divided into chapters, with each chapter containing several levels. The original story contains 12 chapters, with an additional 2 chapters added by the Reverie and Resurrection DLC.

[edit] Chapter I

Besieged Village
The story starts with a village under attack by lycans. Many of the villagers are fleeing, but some stay behind to try and hold off the lycans at a great wooden gate. Gabriel arrives to aid the villagers, and after successfully holding off the lycans a great warg bursts through the gate. Gabriel slays the beast by impaling it on a giant piece of wood. He then speaks to a villager looking for the Guardian of the Lake, who the villager says can be found in the forest.

Hunting Path
After leaving the village, Gabriel heads into the forest where he makes camp for the night. However, he is awoken by howling, and a strange horse appears to Gabriel saying he can take Gabriel to the Guardian of the Lake. Gabriel mounts the horse and rides on, but he is soon tracked down by the lycans who make things difficult for Gabriel, causing him to fall from the horse twice. Eventually, Gabriel and the horse come to a cliff with wargs hot on their trail. The horse tells Gabriel he must go on alone, and leaps over the chasm before dissolving into thin air, with the wargs falling into the valley behind them.

The Dead Bog
Gabriel reaches an area known as the Dead Bog; a land inhabited by goblins. When one of Gabriel's silver daggers sens a goblin into the murky bog water, it is quickly taken under by unseen creatures known as Naiad. Gabriel must then carefully traverse through the bog, avoiding the Naiad and goblins. Eventually, he reaches one of the Brotherhood of Light's abandoned mausoleums. Upon entering the mausoleum, he inserts the Combat Cross into a strange mechanism which gives the Cross the Hook Tip add-on, allowing it to be used as a grapple. When he leaves the mausoleum, Gabriel comes under attack from a troll in a graveyard. Gabriel lands the finishing blow when he manages to snap the trolls neck. After some more travelling, Gabriel eventually reaches the entrance to Pan's Temple.

Pan's Temple
Pan's Temple seems to act as a natural sanctuary, where no monsters can be found. Gabriel must find the secret ruins lying around the sanctuary so that he can discover what symbols he must use to open the door to the inner temple. When he does gain access to the inner temple Gabriel meets the Guardian of the Lake, Pan himself. Gabriel tells Pan he was sent by the Brotherhood because of the separation of Heaven and Earth, and also because they believe Gabriel's dreams about his wife may be linked to whatever has caused the separation. Gabriel tells Pan that the Brotherhood believe a spell has caused the separation, but that he believes God has abandoned mankind. Pan then makes Gabriel take a test, that appears to be in a dream-like world, where he stabs Marie with a silver dagger and is wearing a strange cracked mask. Asked what the dream means, Pan simply replies that it means Gabriel is ready, before allowing Gabriel to enter the Oblivion Lake.

Oblivion Lake

[edit] Chapter II

Enchanted Forest
Underground Caves
Labyrinth Entrance
Waterfalls of Agharta
Dark Dungeon
Sanctuary Entrance
Sanctuary of Titans
The Black Knight

[edit] Chapter III

The Three Towers
The Dark Lord of the Lycans

[edit] Chapter IV

Mountain Fortress
The Crow Witch

[edit] Chapter V

Veros Woods
Wygol Village
Abbey Catacombs
Abbey Library
Abbey Tower
Castle Sewers

[edit] Chapter VI

Castle Courtyard
Maze Gardens
Castle Hall

[edit] Chapter VII

Electric Laboratory
Chromatic Observatory

[edit] Chapter VIII

Outer Wall
The Clockwork Tower
The Throne Room

[edit] Chapter IX

Bones Forest
Woes Moor
The Music Box

[edit] Chapter X

Titan Graveyard
Fire Pinnacle
Fire Cemetery
Crematory Oven

[edit] Chapter XI

Necromancer's Abyss
The Dracolich

[edit] Chapter XII

Final Fight

[edit] Chapter XIII (Reverie)

Castle Hall
Abandoned Wing
Founder's Quarters

[edit] Chapter XIV (Resurrection)

Dimensional Prison
The Underworld

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