PlatformNintendo 64
Release Date(s)NA: January 26, 1999

JP: March 11, 1999

EU: May 14, 1999
GenreAction, Adventure
RatingsESRB: (T) for Teen
Mode(s)1 Player

[edit] Background

The first Castlevania installment for the Nintendo 64. This game features a character selection, you can either choose between Reinhardt Schneider or Carrie Fernandez, with each character having their own story to fill and unique stages. Similar to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, released around the same time, it featured time movement, switching from day to night over time.

[edit] Plot

Sometime in the 1800's, the people's actions were considered unholy, allowing Count Dracula and his forces were rising, the call was sent out to 2 brave subjects. Reinhardt Schneider, a decendant of the Balmont family, and Carrie Fernandez a young girl that possesses magical powers.

[edit] Gameplay

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