Castlevania Gameshark Codes


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Here is a list of Gameshark codes for the Castevania Series.

[edit] Castlevania GameShark Codes List

[edit] Castlevania: Circle of the Moon

Must Be On

992374BA3E12 92B86D0C3C33 2DEAB2677EEF

Infinite Health 3372D2F676AC

Max Hearts B96794F6F6AC

Level 99 EE37658AC165

Infinite Antidotes 31623ABC76AE

Infinite Potion Hi B9627CBC76AE

Infinite Meat 24622BAC62EF

Infinite Mind Restore B8626DBC62AE

Infinite Mind Ex 30622BBC62AE

Infinite Cure curse 11603AB876BC

Infinite Potion 8C606DA862FD

Infinite Spiced Meat 04602BA862FD

Infinite Potion Ex 99607CB876BC

Infinite Mind Hi 98606DB862BC

Infinite Heart 10602BB862BC

Infinite Heart Hi AF37748EF4EF

Infinite Heart Ex 8F35748AF4FD

Infinite Heart Mega 2737328EF4EF

Infinite Magic 2567D2E6F6ED

Have Double 65E23AAC5F47

Have Tackle 45E03AA85F55

Have Kick Boots EDE27CAC5F47

Have Heavy Ring CDE07CA85F55

Have Cleansing 64E22BAC4B47

Have Roc Wing 44E02BA84B55

Have Last Key ECE26DAC4B47

Have Magic Boots DAF56DB8CB14

Have Bear Ring 64A2238E4947

Have Toy Ring CDA0748A5D55

Have Miracle Armband EDA2748E5D47

Have Magic Gauntlet 45A0328A5D55

Have Arm Guard 65A2328E5D47

Have Gauntlet DAB5659AC914

Have Wrist Band FAB7659EC906

Have Gambler Armband 52B5239AC914

Have Sage Armband 72B7239EC906

Have Defence Armband DBB5749ADD14

Have Strength Armband FBB7749EDD06

Have Cursed Ring 53B5329ADD14

Have Luck Ring 73B7329EDD06

Have Intelligence Ring CEB5658AC955

Have Hard Ring EEB7658EC947

Have Strength Ring 46B5238AC955

Have Star Bracelet 66B7238EC947

Have Double Grips CFB5748ADD55

Have Soldier Fatigues EFB7748EDD47

Have Ninja Garb 47B5328ADD55

Have Night Suit 67B7328EDD47

Have Stylish Suit 98E8ED356A9E

Have Prison Garb B8EAED316A8C

Have Cotton Clothes 10E8AB356A9E

Have Sage Robe 30EAAB316A8C Have Magic Robe 99E8FC357E9E

Have Rainbow Robe B9EAFC317E8C

Have Silk Robe 11E8BA357E9E

Have Cotton Robe 31EABA317E8C

Have Shining Armor 8CE8ED256ADF

Have Dark Armor ACEAED216ACD

Have Needle Armor 04E8AB256ADF

Have Mirror Armor 24EAAB216ACD

Have Diamond Armor 8DE8FC257EDF

Have Platinum Armor ADEAFC217ECD

Have Steel Armor 05E8BA257EDF

Have Chain Mail 25EABA217ECD

Have Gold Armor 9AFDED35EA9E

Have Bronze Armor BAFFED31EA8C

Have Leather Armor 12FDAB35EA9E

Have All Cards 24A72B8CC845

Have All Cards 73F634BACB8C

Have Mercury Card B8E26DB86A8C

Have Venus Card 98E06DBC6A9E

Have Jupiter Card 67BFB203DD45

Have Mars Card 47BDB207DD57

Have Diana Card EFBFF403DD45

Have Apollo Card CFBDF407DD57

Have Neptune Card 66BFA303C945

Have Saturn Card 46BDA307C957

Have Uranus Card EEBFE503C945

Have Pluto Card CEBDE507C957

[edit] Aria of Sorrow

Enable Code 33c92b74 18da8263 7cdd4b33 e0034760

Quick Level Up aaea095f 01efb53c

Max Gold b79dd421 5017e94e

Inf HP 18e9fd28 619ac7ad

Inf MP 0a2d70f6 1f853e39

Max HP 875290be 88d09e3a

Max MP 9745d846 2d698989

Max Str e162bb18 db32b080

Max Con 533ef4dc 664bf0ab

Max Int ec20560d 202223ad

Max Lck 837a4c46 54c57cdb

All Items b1ce3e61 a35c448a 7356cb4d 432a928b

All Weapons b441a0bb 64920a6c 886951a1 0119c52f

All Armor f1beb854 65720626 917c653d 93bfc393

All Accessories 9b8fbf4e a11455d3 7efb3fa7 f5f956f9

All Bullet Souls 6d4c8bf5 4c7f638a 0e584750 d8f27a87

All Guardian Souls a0855863 20fc32c1 7a6ea720 5e0189f7

All Enchanted Souls 5b6fbeac 8073182e a8e60b21 16684c76

All Ability Souls 0a47a77a 51259d60

All Enemies 28fc0117 dcd6d22b 1234bff2 38e2ba5d

[edit] Harmony Of Dissonance

Enable Code 946AB4E2 AB57 44C9B060 1809 FF9AD7E0 B075

All Spellbooks 02018832FF

All Relics 02018833FF 02018834FF

Infinite Money 3DD55D14 0F42

Infinite HP 8F0EFFA4 3734

Max HP 032EC7A6 D11A

Infinite MP DD08FB20 7534

Max MP 5128C322 931A

Infinite Hearts 1DC65F05 8FA0

Max Hearts 4328C3A2 D11A

Max STR CF08FBA0 3734

Max DEF 1D0EDF24 D530

Max INT 0F0EDFA4 9730

Max Luck 5D08DB20 D530

Quick Level Gain D5E27110 AB04

[edit] Symphony Of The Night

All Special Items 1 50000E020000 800979828180

All Special Items 2 500005020000 800979780303

Quick Level Gain 80097BECFFFF

Infinite Gold 80097BF0FFFF

Infinite HP 80097BA003E7

Infinite MP 80097BB003E7

Infinite Hearts 80097BA80063

Super Jump [Press X + L1] D40000000044 800733E40000

Max Attack 800F4BF61400

Max Guard 800F504E1400

Max STR 80097BB803E7

Max CON 80097BBC03E7

Max INT 80097BC003E7

Max LCK 80097BC403E7

[edit] Legacy of Darkness

Rose Garden Key 801cab660001

Thorn Key 801cab670001

Clocktower Key C 801cab680001

Clocktower Key D 801cab690001

Art Tower Key 1 801cab6a0001

Art Tower Key 2 801cab6b0001

Control Room Key 801cab6c0001

Wall Key 801cab6d0001

Clocktower Key E 801cab6e0001

Clocktower Key A 801cab6f0001

Clocktower Key B 801cab700001

Execution Key 801cab640001

Deck Key 801cab650001

Oldrey's Diary 801cab5a0001

Crest Half A 801cab5b0001

Crest Half B 801cab5c0001

Rose Brooch 801cab5d0001

Archives Key 801cab5e0001

Left Tower Key 801cab5f0001

Storeroom Key 801cab600001

Garden Key 801cab610001

Winch Lever 801cab590001

Powerup 801cab4f0001

The Contract 801cab540001

Magical Nitro 801cab550001

Mandragora 801cab560001

Sun Card 801cab570001

Moon Card 801cab580001

Infinite Gold 811cab422710

Special 1 801cab470001

Special 2 801cab480001

Special 3 801cab490001

Healing Kit 801cab4c0001

Purifying 801cab4d0001

Cure Ampoule 801cab4e0001

Infinite Health 811cab3a2710

[edit] Castlevania Chronicles

Hover Press X button to jump then hold R1

d009bd32f77f 8005a834000c d009bd32f7df 8005a834000c d009bd32f7ff 8005a834000c

Infinite Health 8005a8220010

Infinite Lives 800592920063

Press L1 For 99 Hearts d009bd32fbff 8005a8380063

Press L2 For More Time d009bd32feff 800592900190

Ton o' Points 800592dc423f 800592de000f

[edit] Castlevania (64)

80389C42 0002 Negative Numbers

80389C49 0064 Have 0 Red Jewels But Still Use Weapons

81350814 0202 Move Very Slow

81350814 0505 Just Music Plays

80389C3F 0000 1-Hit Death

80389C3E 0002 Weird Health Bar

80389C42 00FF Can't Use Weapons

80389C42 0002 Negative Numbers

80389C42 0003 Blue Item Box

80389C49 0063 Infinite Red Jewels

81350810 0202 Long Jump

80389CED 0002 Max Power Up

81389C88 0000 Never Get Poisoned

80342BFE 000B Invincibility

80389C61 0001 Archives Key

80389C62 0001 Left Tower Key

80389C63 0001 Store Room Key

80389C64 0001 Garden Key

80389C65 0001 Copper Key

80389C66 0001 Chamber Key

80389C67 0001 Execution Key

80389C68 0001 Science Key 1

80389C69 0001 Science Key 2

80389C6A 0001 Science Key 3

80389C6B 0001 Clock Tower Key 1

80389C6C 0001 Clock Tower Key 2

80389C6D 0001 Clock Tower Key 3

81389C3E 0064 Infinite Health

81389C48 000A Infinite Throwing Weapon

81389C31 0001 Stop The Timer Input

81389C5A 0001 Have Engagement Ring

81389C4A 0001 Have The 1st Crystal

81389C5C 0001 Always Have 1 Mandragora

81389C44 0001 Money Modifier

81389C4A 0001 Special 1

81389C4C 0100 Special 2

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