Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

North American Box Art
PlatformNES, PC, Wii (Virtual Console)
Release DatesNintendo Entertainment System
NA: December 1, 1988
EU: April 27, 1990

Virtual Console

EU: October 19, 2007
NA: October 29, 2007
GenrePlatformer Action
RatingsESRB: (E) for Everyone
Mode(s)1 player

[edit] Background

[edit] Plot

Dracula has been defeated, but has placed a curse on Simon Belmont from their previous encounter. Now Simon has to travel the Transylvanian countryside to rid himself of the curse Dracula put on him. To undo the curse, a woman tells Simon that you must resurrect Dracula. Dracula's body was split into five different pieces after his defeat seven years ago. After obtaining the five parts Simon must bring them to Dracula's castle. There Simon must seal Dracula and defeat him. There are also three possible endings in the game. Which ending you end up getting all depends on how long it took you to finish the game.

[edit] Gameplay

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest focuses a lot more on exploration than previous games. The player can travel to towns and dungeons, defeating enemies and talking to people. The player can buy items off of merchants with Hearts, earned by defeating enemies. By collecting more Hearts, it is also possible to raise Simons level, meaning that he will have more health. There is a day and night system in the game, some enemies can only be found at night, and during day. At night, the enemies generally become stronger while the town stores are closed down with zombies everywhere. When it changes from day to night or vice versa, it would show up a textbox, saying that the night has passed or arrived. The textbook would slowly show up for more than 10 seconds, annoying many players. There are different weapons/sub weapons that can be used for fighting enemies, and to defeat stronger bosses. This article about a Castlevania game is unfinished. Please help it by adding content.

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