Celia Fortner

Celia Fortner
Full NameCelia Fortner
Abilities/SkillsShadow Magic
Canon AppearancesCastlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

[edit] Background

Celia Fortner is the founder of a strange cult and one of the three major antagonists in the game Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. Their purpose is to make sure Dracula is resurrected. The reason for this is because of her cults belief that for Good to exist, there must also be Evil, as they cannot exist without each other. She is also a Shadow Priestess with some amazing powers.

She goes about bringing back Dracula by moving away and forming a replicate of Castlevania, with the aid of summoned demons. She then tracks down two men by the names of Dario Bossi and Dmitrii Blinov. This is because they were both born at the time of Dracula's defeat and so are seen to be imbued with dark magic, making them perfect candidates for being a new body host. Soma, the character she originally saw as taking Dracula's place but turned it down, beats her to it and defeats them both in duels. In an attempt to convert him, she creates doppelganger to look like Mina Hakuba and then obliterates it. This infuriates Soma, who is only saved by the timely intervention of Arikado.

The twist in this tale is that Dmitrii Blinov is not dead and in fact survived the near fatal encounter. Celia quickly discovers this and makes him her prime candidate once more. Later on Celia is found dead, sacrificed, by the hands of Dmitrii who becomes the monstrosity called Meanece.

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