Eugen the villager
Full NameEugen
AlignmentVillager (Blacksmith)
AppearancesCastlevania: Order of Ecclesia

[edit] Background

Eugen is skilled at working with metals and wood. With this skill he has built houses and armour. He resides in town, making a living off of this. When Shanoa rescues him, he scolds her for wearing flimsy equipment and is quite surprised that she was able to make it as far as she did with minimal protection. By bringing Eugen certain materials that he requests, he will then be able to forge better equipment that will go on sale at Jacob's store.

A long time ago, Eugen was saved by the village founder, Nikolai. In repayment the blacksmith asked the man what he could do. The kindly priest replied with a simple "just do what you can", and ever since Eugen has stuck around the village assisting with his smithing skills.

Note: Eugen is rescued by absorbing the Torpor Glyph that holds him immobile in the basement of the Lighthouse.

[edit] Quests

1. Poor Preperation is Costly: Bring Eugen 3 Iron Ore.

2. What the Blacksmith Does Best: Bring Eugen 3 Silver Ore.

3. Work of the Finest Quality: Bring Eugen 3 Gold Ore.

[edit] Quotes

"See you later!"
"How is it?"
"I forged some good steel"

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