Gabriel Belmont

Full NameGabriel Belmont
AppearancesLords of Shadow
FamilyMarie (Wife)
WeaponCombat Cross
Voice ActorRobert Carlyle

Gabriel Belmont is the protagonist of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. He was abandoned at the doorstep of one of the monasteries of the Brotherhood of Light as a baby, and took the name of Belmont from his love of high places. Gabriel's quest begins when he is sent by the Brotherhood to seek out the Guardian of the Lake after his recently deceased wife appears to him in a dream. He is known to be an excellent fighter and wields the Combat Cross which was given to him by the Brotherhood.


[edit] Personality

During the course of Lords of Shadow, Gabriel's character will change as he is mentally tested by the trials he must face. Gabriel has always been somewhat moody, allowing the worst side of him to sometimes take over. However, these emotions are countered by the love of Gabriel's wife Marie, who has always been able to cheer him up.
After Marie is murdered, Gabriel swears revenge against those who are responsible. Despite this, Gabriel still shows himself to be a kind and caring individual, protecting those who cannot protect themselves. As Gabriel progresses in his journey to defeat the Lords of Shadow, he will begin to question his faith in God, as well as his own humanity.

[edit] Lords of Shadow

WARNING - The following article contains major spoilers

[edit] Main Story

Gabriel arrives

Gabriel is first seen in Lords of Shadow riding towards an unnamed village which has recently come under attack by were-wolves. After saving the villagers, Gabriel reveals that he was sent by the Brotherhood of Light to seek out the Guardian of the Lake. After some time travelling, Gabriel comes to the sanctuary of the Guardian, who is revealed to be the old god Pan. Gabriel tells Pan he was sent by the Brotherhood after a dream involving his recently deceased wife, Marie. He also reveals to Pan he believes God has abandoned mankind, though the Brotherhood believe a spell has separated Earth from Heaven. Pan then makes Gabriel take a test that seems to be set in a dream-like world, where Gabriel sees himself stab Marie with a dagger. When the test ends, Pan tells Gabriel what he saw simply means he is ready. He then allows Gabriel to proceed to the Lake of Oblivion, where he will be able to speak to the shade of Marie.

Gabriel and Zobek

While Gabriel is crossing the frozen-over Lake, a Titan emerges from the ice. During the fight Gabriel ends up getting saved by another member of the Brotherhood, Zobek, who finishes off the Titan. When the shade of Marie appears, Gabriel rushes to speak with her. After apologising for not protecting her, he then moves on to the matter of his dream. Marie tells Gabriel the ghosts of the founders of the Brotherhood revealed to her a prophecy about a warrior who would defeat the Lords of Shadow to break the spell separating Heaven and Earth. After she disappears Zobek and Gabriel speak, with Zobek telling Gabriel that by defeating the Lords of Shadow and collecting the pieces of an artefact called the God Mask, Gabriel can bring Marie back to life, giving Gabriel new hope. Gabriel then sets out for the Dark Lord of the Lycans.

The 3 companions

To reach the Dark Lord of the Lycans, Gabriel must pass through the ruined city of Agharta. It is here that he meets Claudia and her protector. Claudia gets a sudden fright after reading Gabriels mind, but insists on helping him in his journey. After defeating the last Titan in Agharta, the three companions find somewhere to rest for the night. During the night, Gabriel wakes suddenly after having a dream in which Claudia tells him she saw her fate at his hands before she allows Gabriel to kill her with a dagger, similar to how he murdered Marie in Pan's test. Pan then appears telling Gabriel he must take the gauntlet of Claudia's guardian; but when Gabriel refuses, Pan tells him he has no choice and points to the body of Claudia who has been murdered with one of Gabriel's daggers. The Black Knight then appears and Gabriel is forced to fight him, gaining the gauntlet upon it's defeat. Gabriel buries Claudia before he continues on his journey alone.

Dark Lord of the Lycans

When Gabriel eventually reaches the Dark Lord of the Lycans, Cornell, it is revealed to him that the Lords of Shadow are the physical remains of the founders of the Brotherhood, and that killing a Lord of Shadow will also result in the death it's holy other half. Gabriel refuses to back down, knowing that doing so would result in the deaths of more innocents. After defeating Cornell, Gabriel receives the Cyclone Boots and first piece of the God Mask. Pan then appears in eagle form to take him to the land of the Dark Lord of the Vampires. However, along the way Pan must stop at an abandoned mountain fortress haunted by a malevolent spirit that prevents him from taking Gabriel the rest of the way. Gabriel defeats the witch-spirit before Pan appears in the form of a horse to take him to the Land of the Vampires.

Brauner - Commander of the Vampire Raid

After being dropped off by Pan in the woods, Gabriel meets up with Zobek at Wygol village where several knights from his order have been killed, and he learns that the Dark Lord of the Vampires has learned of his misson. He is then told the abbot Vincent Dorin has locked himself away with a special weapon which could be used to save the villagers. After breaking into the abbey and retrieving the weapon, Gabriel scolds Dorrin for not doing what he could to protect those that needed him. On their way back to Wygol village, Gabriel and Zobek discover that in their absence the villagers have come under attack from a vampire raid. Gabriel rushes on ahead to save the villagers, and after defeating the vampire raid the villagers dub Gabriel as "God's Saviour" and the Combat Cross as "Vampire Killer". One of the villagers then shows Gabriel a way into the vampire castle through the sewers.

Dark Lord of the Vampires

Upon gaining access into the inner castle, Gabriel is confronted by a vampire child, Laura, who refuses to let him pass until he plays her game first. Laura becomes upset when she loses but allows Gabriel to continue. As Gabriel journeys further into the castle, he is again confronted by Laura who is still upset about losing the game, and she attempts to kill Gabriel. However, after witnessing Marie encouraging Gabriel that he must go on, Laura leaves Gabriel alone. Gabriel then makes his way to the throne room for the second Lord of Shadow, Carmilla, who tries to persuade Gabriel to join her and tells him that he will not be able to save Marie. Once Carmilla has been slain, Pan will appear to Gabriel again. Gabriel expresses his anger at how so many innocent people are paying for the mistakes of the founders of the Brotherhood and questions the whole point of his mission. Pan questions how far Gabriel is willing to go before opening a doorway to the land of the dead.

Baba's Blue Rose

Gabriel travels through the land of the dead until coming across the tree house of Baba Yaga, who Gabriel helps in exchange for being sent to the land of the Necromancers. As Gabriel reaches the gates to the Necromancers Abyss, Pan appears again and tells Gabriel that one of them must fall, before transforming into a warrior and fighting Gabriel to the death. As Pan lays dying, a remorseful Gabriel asks Pan why he forced him to fight. Pan reveals that blood needed to be spilled for the way to be open and that he accepts his fate, questioning Gabriel as to wether he can accept his. Gabriel reveals he does not believe himself worthy to be the one to save the world, before Pan dies and the gates to the Necromancers Abyss opens.

Zobek's true intentions

Gabriel then heads through the gates, where he ends up fighting the Necromancers and the DracoLich. Once the DracoLich is defeated, Gabriel claims the final piece of the God Mask. He then meets up with Zobek, who congratulates Gabriel on reuniting the pieces of the God Mask. Zobek then places a mask on his face, similar to the one Gabriel was wearing during Pan's test, and reveals himself as the Dark Lord of the Necromancers. He then tells Gabriel about how he invented the prophesy so he could claim the power of the other Lords of Shadow for his own. He also reveals that by using his mask he was able to make Gabriel kill Marie. Zobek continues to taunt Gabriel telling him that he is even more monstrous than Zobek expected and that even God sees Gabriel as nothing but a monster. However, Gabriel is unable to do anything as the gauntlet which was forged with dark magic gives Zobek control over Gabriel. Zobek tells Gabriel he couldn't risk him becoming too powerful. Zobek then kills Gabriel.
As Zobek laughs, believing the final victory to be his, it is revealed that he was merely a pawn the whole time, and that all the power and knowledge he has was given to him by Satan. Satan then kills Zobek and manifests, picking up the God Mask.

Satan - The puppet master

As Gabriel lays dead, Marie appears and convinces the lost souls that are trapped with her to give Gabriel the strength to go back so that he can save them. When Gabriel is brought back, Satan tries to win him over by telling Gabriel that he will love him more than God and that they can rule the world. Gabriel tells Satan the reason he is damned is because he would rather rule with fear and power rather than love and mercy, and that by seeking forgiveness they can return to God. Satan then mocks Gabriel and the two fight. After a dramatic battle, Gabriel gets Satan in a choke hold. Satan continues to mock Gabriel by telling him he is a murderer, that God isn't listening to him, and that Maries soul will belong to him. Gabriel then asks God for forgiveness, and there is a sudden blue flash which causes Satan to fade away and seems to bring Gabriel back to life.
Marie appears to Gabriel telling him she always had hope in him and loved him. Gabriel is disappointed when he learns the God Mask does not actually bring the dead back. Marie then ascends to Heaven with the other lost souls. Claudia also appears for a brief moment before ascending, as if to say she forgives Gabriel. The game ends with Gabriel breaking down crying.

[edit] Epilogue

An old friend

Once the credits are over, the setting changes to an old church. A man in a purple robe enters the church, and floats to the highest floor. When the man removes his hood, it is revealed that he is Zobek. He then begins speaking to lonesome figure sitting on a throne in the shadows whom he refers to as the Prince of Darkness. After some time talking, Zobek then asks "Why have you been hiding all this time... Gabriel". An old vampiric creature then leans forward out of the shadows shouting "Don't you dare call me that! Eu sunt Dracul." Zobek then mentions that Gabriel (and perhaps Dracula) is only a shadow of his former glory. Gabriel then disappears completely into the shadows and asks Zobek what he wants. Zobek warns Gabriel that Satan is preparing to return, and that the two must work together to defeat him. Gabriel then tries to bite Zobek, but Zobek manages to escape his grasp and uses his power to shoot Gabriel through a stained glass window. As Gabriel is falling through the window, it is revealed that it is in fact modern times as Gabriel smashes into a road. Zobek then comes down to Gabriel, telling him he knows that he wants to be able to die, and promises if Gabriel helps him to defeat Satan he will remove his immortality. Gabriel than screams into the night before disappearing, with Zobek finishing the story saying it will all be over soon.

[edit] Reverie

The Reverie DLC starts off right after Gabriel has broken the spell separating Heaven and Earth. Despite his victory, Gabriel has found no joy in it. Gabriel receives a telepathic cry for help from Laura, whom he feels obliged to help for sparing his life, so he heads back to the vampire castle. When Gabriel meets Laura in the castle hall, she tells him that by killing the Lords of Shadow he has weakened the power that has kept a powerful demon sealed within the castle. The Forgotten One was summoned long ago by the original owners of the castle, the Bernhard family, until one day it became too powerful. The three founders of the Brotherhood could not kill it, but instead imprisoned it within the castle. Gabriel must go with Laura deep into the secret chambers of the castle to where the demon is being kept.
When Gabriel and Laura reach the tower where the demon is being kept, the top floor has crumbled away over time. Using a magic clock which can temporarily send them back in time, Gabriel and Laura must then complete three puzzles to acquire the blood of the founders of the Brotherhood, which can be used to open a portal to the Forgotten One. Before Gabriel enters, Laura stops him and tells him only dark beings can enter the demon's realm without dying. Gabriel believes he has a darkness inside him, but Laura forces him to become like her by making him drink her blood. Gabriel begins to feel weak, and Laura tells him that her blood is a poison, and Gabriel must drink all of it until it replaces his own. She tells Gabriel she has lived long enough and begs him to finish drinking. Gabriel drinks from Laura again, this time more savagely, thus killing Laura and absorbing her powers. Gabriel is last seen entering into the portal.

[edit] Resurrection

Resurrection starts immediately after Gabriel has entered the portal to the demonic realm where the Forgotten One is being kept. It isn't long before the side effects of drinking Laura's blood hit Gabriel, as upon entering the demon realm he is overcome by a great pain. When Gabriel approaches a lake of some sort of burning liquid, the Forgotten One emerges and begins to climb the walls and smash the ceiling above, beginning his attempt to escape from his prison. Gabriel then follows the Forgotten One, while also trying to remain hidden as the Forgotten One is extremely powerful.
Opportunity finally presents itself when the Forgotten One comes to a strange circular gate, a seal used to keep the Forgotten One from escaping, which can only be opened by sending his power into the gate until it is opened. Gabriel, noticing the weakened state of the demon, charges straight for the Forgotten One and manages to break off some of his armour, though it seems like the armour is a physical part of him. The Forgotten One is amused that a mortal wishes to challenge him, though notes something is different about Gabriel. The two fight, with Gabriel breaking off more armour, until the seal is open and the Forgotten One calls back his power. Gabriel hides before the demon fully recovers his power and waits until he leaves.

Gabriel's Transformation
Gabriel after touching the power of the Forgotten One

The Forgotten One then makes his way to the second and final seal. Once again Gabriel waits for him to send his power into the seal before attacking. During the fight Gabriel manages to break off more of the demon's armour, including half of the armour covering it's face. However, the Forgotten One still succeeds in opening the final seal, at which point he tells Gabriel he will spare him just so Gabriel can see how he failed the world. The Forgotten One then begins to call back his power, but Gabriel has other plans.
Using his Cyclone Boots for speed and his Seraph Shoulders to get high into the air, Gabriel manages to touch the Forgotten One's power first, thus gaining all of the demon's true strength and altering his physical appearance. Gabriel's hair is white, his eyes are pure white without any irises or pupils, and his fingers appear longer and sharper. The enraged demon makes one last vein effort to crush Gabriel, but when he fails he begs for mercy. Gabriel then cuts through the demon with a flash of lighting. Before leaving the realm through the newly opened gate, Gabriel breaks the Combat Cross with his new found strength, and disappears into the unknown.

[edit] Notes

  • Gabriel was named by the Brotherhood after the archangel
  • It is believed he may have been abandoned as a baby by a family known as the Cronqvists

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