SotN Galamoth
Full NameGalamoth
WeaponMagic Sceptre
Abilities/SkillsDark Magic
Canon AppearancesCastlevania: Symphony of the Night
Non-CanonicalKid Dracula (NES)
Kid Dracula (game boy)


[edit] Background

Galamoth is a demon bent on the idea of conquering, and consequently ruling, the Netherworld.

In Kid Dracula.

[edit] Kid Dracula

Takes on the role of the end boss in Kid Dracula.

[edit] Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Takes on the role of a gigantic boss in the Floating Catacombs. Is well known for electrical attacks.

[edit] Castelvania: Aria of Sorrow

In the form of a soul, he can see past blocks created by time from the past. You find him after defeating Legion and surpassed the room of Rippers.

[edit] Castlevania Judgment

Plays the key role of main antagonist, but you never actually get to see him. He's from ten millenia into the future and wants to take over the world, deciding to attack the past. He sends his Time Reaper back to the time Dracula ruled to destroy his reign and have himself crowned the ruler of all.[1] Aeon, however, manages to prevent the Time Reaper from completing it's mission.

[edit] References

  1. Bradygames Official Order of Ecclesia Strategy Guide

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