Graham Jones

Graham Jones
Graham Jones AoS port.jpg
Full NameGraham Jones
Birth/Death1999 - 2035
Abilities/SkillsDark Magic
Canon AppearancesCastlevania: Aria of Sorrow

[edit] Background

Graham was the main antagonist in Aria of Sorrow, he was born on the date Dracula died in 1999. This gave him magical powers like the others and he believed he was the new Dracula, the reincarnation. He founded a cult which gained large popularity with the belief that in 2035 an apocalypse would rain down upon earth and wipe out everything.

In 2035 he decided to take his belief one step further. When the castle materialised during the eclipse, he entered in the hope of becoming the next Dark Lord of Castlevania. He found himself running into Soma Cruz and was first friendly, but relations turned sour after he discovered Soma's powers and how he could be a threat to his big plan of domination as the new Dracula. This leads him to stab Yoko Belnades in her attempt to stop him trying to be the new Dark Lord before he confronts Soma for a showdown. He uses his magic to transform into a giant beast but is slain, with Soma absorbing his power and taking the next step closer to becoming the new Dracula.

Fighting Graham Jones can go multiple ways during the boss fight, depending on your items. If you have the Flame Demon, Giant Bat, and Succubus souls then the entire outcome of the battle is changed. Graham Jones' powers will transfer over to Soma Cruz unlocking more of the game.

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