Full NameUnknown
Race/StatusHuman/Former Devil Forgemaster
FamilyRosaly (Late Wife)
Julia Laforeze (Current Lover)
WeaponsSwords, Spears, Axes, etc.
Abilities/SkillsDevil/weapon forging,
AppearancesCastlevania: Curse of Darkness

[edit] Background

Hector is the main protagonist in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. Hector was a former Devil Forgemaster and a former servant of Dracula, but gave up his powers in order to live a peacful life. After his fiance, Rosaly is accused of witchcraft and is murdered by Hector's old friend and Devil Forgemaster Isaac, Hector sets out to get revenge on Isaac.

Isaac challenges Hector to retake his Devil Forgemaster powers, which he eventually does. This is how he runs into Zead (AKA Death) and St. Germain. He becomes conflicted as the first tried to help him destroy Isaac while the other tells him he cannot under any circumstances. Through the game you discover they were once similar, but are now complete opposites. The main story unravels upon Zead removing his disguise to show himself as Death.

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