Hugh Baldwin

Hugh Baldwin

Full NameHugh Baldwin
FamilyMorris Baldwin (father)
Canon AppearancesN/A
Non-CanonicalCastlevania: Circle of the Moon

[edit] Background

Hugh is Nathan Grave's rival who harbours a deep jealousy of him. This is because he holds firm to the belief that he should be his father's successor, Morris Baldwin, and therefore receive the Hunter's Whip. This is further strengthened by the fact he sees Nathan as too weak to fight alongside him. Toward the end of the game he turns evil, joining forces with Dracula.

[edit] CotM Strategy

During the fight with Hugh, he can basically attack just like you do, except without the whip. He will use the same sub-weapons you do, and at one point will use them and it will be like two of that weapon being used at the same time. Other than that, he's pretty basic with attacks.

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