Full NameUnknown
Race/StatusHuman/Devil Forgemaster
FamilyJulia Laforeze (Sister)
AlignmentServant of Dracula
Weapon(s)Crafted Spear
Abilities/SkillsDevil Forging,
AppearancesCastlevania: Curse of Darkness

[edit] Background

Isaac is the main antagonist in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. Isaac was a follower of Dracula before Hector defeated him. Isaac is a Devil Forgemaster. He used to be good friends with Hector but everything changed, and they become exact opposites of one another.

Hector tries to track down Isaac in Curse of Darkness because Isaac was responsible for the killing of Hector's fiance Rosaly. This leads him into going back to Dracula's Castle in the hopes of catching Isaac and bringing him to justice. Isaac then tricks him into becoming a Devil Forgemaster again.

Isaac ends up becoming the new body host for Dracula after Death reveals himself and takes his body away from the battle that he lost to Hector. Dracula is resurrected but Hector manages to defeat him, effectively killing Isaac.

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