List of XY glyphs

Name MP Description
Confodere 5 A rapier glyph.
Vol Confordere 10 A powerful rapier glyph.
Melio Confodere 15 Superior rapier glyph.
Secare 5 A sword glyph.
Vol Secare 10 A powerful sword glyph.
Melio Secare 15 Superior sword glyph.
Hasta 5 A lance glyph.
Vol Hasta 10 A powerful lance glyph.
Melio Hasta 15 Superior lance glyph.
Macir 5 A hammer glyph.
Vol Macir 10 A powerful hammer glyph.
Melio Macir 15 Superior hammer glyph.
Arcus 5 A bow glyph.
Vol Arcus 15 This bow glyph fires diagonally.
Melio Arcus 25 A bow glyph that targets enemies automatically.
Ascia 15 An axe glyph.
Vol Ascia 30 A powerful axe glyph.
Melio Ascia 45 Superior axe glyph.
Falcis 5 A sickle glyph.
Vol Falcis 10 A powerful sickle glyph.
Melio Falcis 15 Superior sickle glyph.
Culter 8 A knife glyph.
Vol Culter 16 A double knife glyph.
Melio Culter 24 A triple knife glyph.
Scutum 5 A shield glyph.
Vol Scutum 5 A powerful shield glyph.
Melio Scutum 5 Superior shield glyph.
Redire 10 A glyph to magnatize blades for additional effect.
Cubus 20 A glyph that creates stones.
Torpor 20 A glyph that incapacitates opponents.
Lapiste 20 Pulverize enemies with giant fists of stone.
Pneuma 25 This Glyph creates squalls to sweep enemies away.
Ignis 25 Call forth burning flames.
Vol Ignis 40 Create pillars of fire
Grando 25 Call forth freezing ice.
Vol Grando 40 Create pillars of ice.
Fulgur 25 Summon a ball of lightning.
Vol Fulgur 40 Call forth shocking electricity.
Luminatio 25 Call forth a ball of light.
Vol Luminatio 40 Call a ball of light that tracks enemies.
Umbra 25 Command the malice of the dead.
Vol Umbra 40 Command the powers of darkness.
Morbus 25 Command a forbidden curse.
Nitesco 20 Concentrate magic energy into a destructive beam.
Acerbatus 44 Calls forth the power of spite.
Globus 50 Unleash an energy sphere.
Dextro Custos 16 Attack with the right head of Cerberus, guardian of Hell.
Sinestro Custos 16 Attack with the left head of Ceberus, guardian of Hell.
Dominus Hatred 66 One piece of Dominus; summons a pillar of light.
Dominus Anger 66 One piece of Dominus; unleashes a cluster of energy.
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