Maria Renard

Maria SotN portrait.jpg
SotN Maria
Full NameMaria Renard
Age17 (SotN)
FamilyAnnett Renard
Richter Belmont
AlignmentAlly of the Belmont Clan
AppearancesCastlevania: Rondo of Blood
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
Castlevania Judgment

Maria Renard is a heroine and Belmont ally in the Castlevania series.

[edit] Background

Her first major life crisis makes itself known in the year 1792 when Shaft, an evil and dark priest, ransacked the village in an attempt to steal away some women for sacrificial purposes to help Dracula regain more power. Maria ends up being one of the taken females as she has to experience the death of both parents. Here she meets Annette Renard, a love relation of Richter Belmont, who becomes like a sister to Maria and gives her hope through the tales she tells of Richter's strength and bravery.

The relationship is promptly split as Shaft can detect the large amount of raw power surging within her, recognising her magical capabilities and seeing them as perfect for Dracula. He attempts to harness her powers with his own but Richter manages a heroic moment of perfect timing to scare Shaft away. Shaft's attempt to bring out her magic had consequences as Mario could now tap into and harness her powers to great effect, able to summon a dragon after an argument with Richter that she did not need to run away to safety given her fiery determination to save her new sister and the other villagers. Shaft and Dracula ended up being defeated with everyone being saved, along with Maria being adopted into the Belmont family much to her pleasure.

Later on she finds herself hard to settle down, as she is upset with her lack of progress. She ends up entering a time rift and meets Aeon who offered her trials in return for great power which she accepted without a second thought. This leads her to several climatic battles with characters such as Camilla, Shanoa and Sypha Belnades.

Maria returns from the time rift and Richter goes missing. She decides that she cannot lost him and so goes out to search for him. 1797, a year later, heralds the return of Dracula's Castle and so she heads toward it, unbeknown to her that Dracula's son Alucard has just been awoken. She runs into him, learning several things including that the castle can transform and that Richter has been turned to the dark side. Still massively lacking in self confidence, she has a fight off with Alucard to see who should proceed, with the son of Dracula prevailing. She gifts him Holy Glasses to allow him to see through evil facades, and this helps him in seeing the orb Shaft has been using to manipulate Richter. After a battle, Alucard chases after Shaft as Maria helps Richter to safety.

It turns out that Alucard won his battle and tells them he must go, due to his curse, and heads off to sleep once more. Maria does not want him to leave her and so insists he stays. He doesn't go to sleep but keeps away from her. She falls in love with Alucard and tries to help him feel better since he had to kill his own father. She has an argument with him and goes food shopping, but it goes pear shaped from there. She finds a letter detailing killings by Richter specifying Alucard as the culprit and the sudden appearance of vampire hunters, Alexis and Silyl telling her it's not safe. She goes on to make another encounter, Magnus, and backs up the argument that Alucard is full of evil thoughts. Not believing him she fights and loses, escaping later. She rushes home to question him and he makes a confirmation of her concerns, and so she leaves as quickly as she arrived. It ends in Alucard, Maria, the two vampire hunters and Richter all fighting against Magnus and a new face by the name of Lyudmil, who is an ex vampire servant of Alucard. The two evil ones, along with the hunter Silyl are killed while Alucard's name is cleared of any doubt. This paths the way to a happy life between Alucard and Maria.

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