Master Librarian

Master Librarian
Librarian SotN portrait.jpg
Full NameThe Master Librarian
Birth/DeathUnknown, (probably undead)
Canon AppearancesCastlevania: Symphony of the Night


[edit] Background

The Master Librarian of Dracula's Castle. He dwells deep within the Library, sitting at a wide desk stacked with books. The Librarian is a cheerful fellow that likes to sell a useful assortment of items and weapons (more than books, oddly) with visitors such as Alucard.

[edit] The Librarian's Shop

[edit] BUY

Item Description Effect Price Quantity
Jewel of Open Opens Blue Doors Alucard can go through locked blue doors. 500 G 1
Potion Restores Some HP Restores very little HP 800 G Unlimited
High Potion Restores About Half HP Restores about half HP 2000 G Unlimited
Elixir Restores All HP Restores all HP 8000 G Unlimited
Manna Prism Restores All MP Restores all MP 4000 G Unlimited
Antivenom Removes Poison Removes poison 200 G Unlimited
Uncurse Removes Curse Removes curses 200 G Unlimited
Hammer Unpetrify (Fairy Use Only) This item will only work if the fairy familiar is on. 200 G Unlimited
Magic Missile Shoots Magic Arrow (+30 ATT) 300 G Unlimited
Bwaka Knife Bwaka Throwing Knife (+30 ATT) 300 G Unlimited
Boomerang Anti-aerial Weapon (+30 ATT) 500 G Unlimited
Fire Boomerang Flaming Boomerang (+50 ATT) 1000 G Unlimited
Javelin Throwing Spear (+50 ATT) 800 G Unlimited
Shuriken Japanese Throwing Star (+50 ATT) 2400 G Unlimited
Cross Shuriken Powerful Throwing Star (+41 ATT) 5000 G Unlimited
Buffalo Star Razor Sharp Throwing Star (+61 ATT) 8000 G Unlimited
Flame Star Flaming Throwing Star (+66 ATT) 15000 G Unlimited
Library Card Enchanted Library Card (teleport to Library, 1 use only) 500 G Unlimited
Meal Ticket Mystery Food Ticket (random food item will appear) 2000 G Unlimited
Sabre Light Cavalry Sword (+9 ATT) 1500 G Unlimited
Mace Iron Cudgel (+9 ATT) 2000 G Unlimited
Damascus Sword Fine Sword Honed to Razor-edge (+17 ATT) 4000 G Unlimited
Firebrand Fire Sword of Oberon (+25 ATT) 10000 G Unlimited
Icebrand Ice Sword of Mim (+25 ATT) 10000 G Unlimited
Thunderbrand Lightning Sword of Indra (+25 ATT) 10000 G Unlimited
Map of Castle A Map of the Castle You can view a map of the castle. 103 G 1
Leather Shield Leather Shield - Low DEF (+1 DEF) 400 G Unlimited
Velvet Hat Velvet Hat (+2 INT) 400 G Unlimited
Magic Scroll (Contain button combinations for Spells) Buy all six of these to see spell combos in the menu. 500 G 6
Leather Hat Tanned Leather Hat (+2 DEF) 1000 G Unlimited
Iron Cuirass Iron Cuirass (+4 DEF) 1500 G Unlimited
Reverse Cloak Dual Colored Reversible Cape (+3 CON, +1 DEF) 2000 G Unlimited
Elven Cloak Perfect for Forest Camouflage (+5 CON, +2 DEF) 3000 G Unlimited
Medal N/A (+1 DEF, +1 ATT) 3000 G Unlimited
Iron Shield Hard Iron Shield (+2 DEF) 3980 G Unlimited
Circlet N/A (+5 INT) 4000 G Unlimited
Steel Cuirass Steel Cuirass (+ 5 DEF) 4000 G Unlimited
Ring of Pales Ring with Holy Powers (+2 STR, +1CON, +1 INT, +1 LCK, +1 ATT, +1 DEF) 4000 G Unlimited
Gauntlet N/A (+5 ATT) 8000 G Unlimited
Diamond Plate Diamond Breastplate (+15 DEF) 12000 G Unlimited
Harper The Sword Named Harper (+28 ATT) 12000 G Unlimited
Silver Crown Increases Intelligence (+12 INT) 12000 G Unlimited
Joseph's Cloak Select Color (system menu) Pick the color of your cape from the menu. 30000 G Unlimited
Duplicator Duplicates Items You can duplicate items. 500000 G 1

[edit] SELL

[edit] Boss Strategies

[edit] Quotes

"Geheh! Geheh! Thank yooou!" -Librarian after every purchase

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