Nathan Graves

Nathan Graves
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Full NameNathan Graves
FamilyMother and Father Deceased
AlignmentVampire Hunter
WeaponsHunter's Whip, Holy Water, Knifes, Crusifix, Axe's.
Abilities/SkillsCard Powerups.
Canon AppearancesN/A
Non-CanonicalCastlevania: Circle of the Moon

[edit] Background

Nathan Graves appears in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. He is the main protagonist, and must fight his way through many enemies to rescue his master and defeat Dracula.

Nathan is the student of Morris Baldwin, who fought alongside The Belmont Clan. Morris chose Nathan over his son, Hugh Baldwin, as the recipient of the powerful vampire slaying weapon, the Hunter's Whip at the Coming of Age ceremony. This was after two years worth of training, with Hugh winning every single time too much surprise at the ends result.

A decade passes and a female named Camilla changes their lives through the resurrection of Dracula. The three go to work but Morris ends up captured, with the two boys vowing to go their separate ways while making their attempts to save them. Nathan makes quick work of the castle, only to find Morris was betrayed by his own son. He bests Hugh, and then Dracula in a fight before rescuing the fallen son's father and making their escape.

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