Storyline of Order of Ecclesia

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It all begins within the refined corridors of Ecclesia. Shanoa is on her way to take part in a ritual that she is told will be very important to preventing the ressurection of Dracula. It's a mission that she's been training all her life to fulfill. On her way, she encounters Albus who has just returned from an outing. He realises that she is to take part in the ceremony, and wonders why he wasn't the one that was chosen - as it was promised him by their master, Barlowe. Shanoa leaves him to his own musings as he is utterly speechless at being left in the lurch like this.

Entering the ritual chamber, Barlowe greets Shanoa warmly and sets her up for the ceremony that is to take place. Chanting the ancient invocations of the Dominus power, Barlowe attempts to attach the glyphs to her flesh, only to be interrupted by the intervention of Albus who is intent on preventing the ritual - stealing the glyphs in the process. He outright attacks Barlowe which creates a disruption in the spell which causes it to become incomplete. The Dominus splits into three parts which Albus takes with him when he leaves. As the spell is absorbed, Shanoa loses her memory of everything she ever learned. Now she must go from village to village, mountain to mountain to chase Albus for the three glyph's he has stolen from them. --Johnathan Morris 20:19, 19 December 2010 (PST)

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