Ortega, not yet transformed
Full NameOrtega
RaceMan Beast
WeaponsTeeth, Claws, etc
Abilities/SkillsTransforming in to a beast
Canon AppearancesN/A
Non-CanonicalCastlevania: Legacy of Darkness

[edit] Background

Ortega appears in Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness as a non playable character, and is one of the main enemies in the game.

He lived in the same village as a child with Cornell and shared a love/hate relationship while both retaining the power to transform between man and beast. Their rivalry grew more and more bitter over time, with Cornell always trumping Ortega. Tired of being beaten Ortega decides to search for new power and he ends up going with Dracula.

Dracula strikes a deal with Ortega, stating that he is to pay him back by leading some demons to the village to kidnap the sister of Cornell, Ada and destroy everything and had the important task of stopping any rescue attempts by Cornell. Ortega gains his powers, but at a terrible price.

Cornell, naturally, goes searching for his lost sister bringing him to Dracula's Castle where he runs into Ortega once again. Ortega admits his part in the plot, but Cornell finds it hard to believe. Ortega disappears, only to later come back in and trap Cornell to fight a huge werewolf who he bests before Ortega slips away again.

Ortega finally decides, in the room of clocks, to join battle with Cornell. Showing off his new found powers, he transforms into a powerful three-headed Chimera. Cornell is truly blessed and beats Ortega, mortally wounding him. Ortega reverts back to his original form, confesses the location of Ada and then throws himself off the tower to his death.

[edit] Concept Art/Renders

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