Reinhardt Schneider

Reinhardt Schneider

Full NameReinhardt Schneider
FamilyMichael Gelhart Schneider (Father)
AlignmentBelmont Clan, Vampire Hunter
WeaponsVampire Killer, Sub weapons
Canon AppearancesCastlevania 64, Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness

[edit] Background

Reinhardt Schneider is the decendant of the Belmont Family. He was taught by his father, Michael, and is very religious. He experiences a harsh childhood as the other kids constantly teased him, not believing that he could be a descendant of the Belmont Clan. This originally lead to a depreciation in his well being and self belief but over time it develops into a strong heart and he becomes a warrior to be reckoned with.

He becomes so well renowned and respected, that he gains the rites to the Vampire Killer and the title of Vampire Hunter. His father furthers him to become a true vampire hunter while retaining his religious roots.

[edit] Castlevania 64

When fully trained and ready, Reinhardt Schneider sets out on his quest to hunt down and kill Dracula. This takes him through a cursed forest and castle, defeating servants of darkness along the way. He finally comes to a stop at a Villa where he meets the character Rosa. He then makes the discovery that she is a vampire, though not by her own will. Rosa turns out to be pure of heart, lending him help in his quests and seeing him off in good spirit. Curiously, he encounters her again later when she attempts to commit suicide by going out in the sun. He saves her, but her past generosity and kindness is replaced with a sorrow and she is not quick to thank him, parting in dampened mood.

After several further obstacles, Reinhardt finds himself confronted by Death himself. He is horrified as Death reveals that he has brought Rosa along with him and he forces them to fight. Reinhardt bests her, managing to leave Rosa alive and she escapes with Death. Death is not done, however, and has already hatched another plan as he strides through the castle to lay ambush on Reinhard. He attempts a powerful blow on Reinhardt, only to be blocked by Rosa who steps in between them at impact. Reinhardt is then able to deal a finishing attack on Death, sending him back to whence he came. Rosa shows signs of fear after the battle but Reinhardt consoles hers, telling her (in his religious way of life) that God will take mercy on her for her good nature, vampire or not.

Two Endings:

Castlevania 64 presents Reinhardt Schneider with two different endings, one seen as good and one seen as bad.

Good Ending: Reinhardt slays Gilles de Rais and escapes Dracula's Castle as it crumbles upon itself. Malus then appears on a flying demonic beast and attempts to kill him off with an arrow. It is then revealed, by Malus, that he is in fact Dracula himself. Reinhardt finds himself locked in another battle, prevailing for another win. Transforming back, the kid Dracula attempts to lie his way into making Reinhardt think he is truly a small boy possessed. This is interrupted by the appearance of Charles Vincent who attacks the child form with Holy Water. Unluckily Reinhardt is hurled into an alternate realm where he fights the giant monster form of Dracula. Upon his final victory, he is returned as the castle is destroyed. Rosa then appears, on a floor of flower petals, as a human in beautiful splendor refilling Reinhardt with a sense of happiness.

Bad Ending: Reinhardt defeats Gilles de Rais and helps Malus out of the castle. As they leave on their horse, Reinhardt displays his affections for the boy and how he believes he will make something of himself, while Malus' eyes glow and evil and eerie red.

[edit] Concept Art/Renders

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