Relics (SotN)

Relic Icon Effect Location
Soul of Bat Soulofbat.gif Transform into a Bat Long Library
Fire of Bat Fireofbat.gif Shoot Fireballs as Bat Clock Tower
Echo of Bat Echoofbat.gif Use Radar as Bat Olrox's Quarters
Force of Echo Forceofecho.gif Attack with Radar Waves Reverse Caverns
Soul of Wolf Soulofwolf.gif Transform into a Wolf Long Library
Power of Wolf Powerofwolf.gif Run swiftly as Wolf Entrance
Skill of Wolf Skillofwolf.gif Special move as Wolf Alchemy Laboratory
Form of Mist Formofmist.gif Transform into Mist Colosseum
Power of Mist Powerofmist.gif Extends Mist transform time Castle Keep
Gas Cloud Gascloud.gif Transform into poisonous cloud Floating Catacombs
Cube of Zoe Cubeofzoe.gif Causes items to materialize Entrance
Sprit Orb Spiritorb.gif Shows Enemy Damage Marble Gallery
Gravity Boots Gravityboots.gif Wearer can jump high Marble Gallery
Leap Stone Leapstone.gif Wearer can do double jump Castle Keep
Holy Symbol Holysymbol.gif Protection while underwater Underground Caverns
Fairie Scroll Faeriescroll.gif Displays Enemy's name Long Library
Jewel of Open Jewelofopen.gif Can open locked Blue Doors Master Librarian
Merman Statue Mermanstatue.gif Summons The Ferryman Underground Caverns
Bat Card Card.gif Summons Bat Familiar Alchemy Laboratory
Ghost Card Card.gif Summons Ghost Familiar Castle Keep
Faerie Card Card.gif Summons Fairie Familiar Long Library
Demon Card Card.gif Summons Devil Familiar Abandoned Mine
Sword Card Card.gif Summons Sword Familiar Olrox's Quarters
Heart of Vlad 1 of 5 Treasures Heartofvlad.gif Avoid Curse Anti-Chapel
Tooth of Vlad 1 of 5 Treasures Toothofvlad.gif STR +10 Reverse Outer Wall
Rib of Vlad 1 of 5 Treasures Ribofvlad.gif CON +10 Death Wing's Lair
Ring of Vlad 1 of 5 Treasures Ringofvlad.gif INT +10 Reverse Clock Tower
Eye of Vlad 1 of 5 Treasures Eyeofvlad.gif LCK +10 Cave

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