Sypha Belnades

Sypha Belnades

Sypha in Castlevania Judgment
Full NameSypha Belnades
FamilyTrevor Belmont (husband)
AlignmentBelmont Clan
Abilities/SkillsPowerful Magic
Canon AppearancesCastlevania III: Dracula's Curse, Castlevania Judgment

[edit] Background

Sypha Belnades has magical powers. After Count Dracula had deatroyed the town of Wallachia, she began her journey to defeat the Count shortly before Trevor began his. Somewhere along the way, Sypha was attacked by a strange being and was turned into stone, then Trevor defeated the monster and freed her from her stone stasis. In appreciation she joined Trevor in his journey along with Alucard and Grant. After Dracula was defeated, she moved in with Trevor and it was rumored that she helped extend the Belmont family.

[edit] In Castlevania Judgment

[edit] Concept Art/Renders

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