Um, just a question but doesn't the image kind of borderline pornography? -Twilight


Well I don't think theres anything really "obscene" about it, and I don't think an illustration like this could be deemed so.

But yeah I was a little hesitant at first, so I took a look over in the God of War wiki to see if they used any images with breast exposed, they did, although they were monster/human characters. I figured the Succubus qualified as a monster/human character, with her wings and bat-like feet. There are many female monsters in castlevania, like Camilla and the Blue Venus Weed, who do not wear any type of clothing, so I think the good ol' Succubus is doin' pretty good compared to those gals. -Kudzuka



Heres an alternate pic you can use if it bothers you that much, though its not as big or as nice quality as "the image". Maybe we can get Dragon to put something over her..."nips" like Simon Belmont's face or something. That would be funny. -Kudzuka

Looks alright to me. Nothing but the cover up has change, and the quality looks the same. I'll put it up for now. -Twilight