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Name: Astian Hannan Age: 24 Sex: Male Sexuality: Gay


After joining Neoseeker in late 2003, it soon became apparent that I had an aptitude for Neo-Markup and as such I can often be found using small font, bolding all important words within the posts I write. I use this to articulate myself and differentiate myself from the other forum members - though it has become apparent that others are following the trend.

I originally moderated the Australasia forum which is now known as Oceania. That came along as a stroke of luck, as I hadn't been serious when I applied for the positon, thinking that some of the other members may have been more favoured, however it soon became apparent that that was not the case. In the course of my Moderating days, I also managed to pick up the Suikoden IV and Shadow Hearts: Covenant forms. In the course of those days I made both friends and enemies that have either lasted or dissapated.

I was routinely demoted from the two gaming forums once there was no longer a need for a Moderator. As for Australasia, I requested my own demotion due to work commitments. I went on hiatus for awhile after that, however returned during the time of the NeoPortals. Enlisting myself as a specialist for the Final Fantasy V section, I crafted a few pages before realising that it would take way too much effort to complete, and besides, the portal was going through a format change - in which most of my work was lost when it was completed.

Now, I return to assist with the completion of the Final Fantasy NeoWiki. I also post from time to time around the forums, in various places. Depends on my mood, I guess. I also have staff jurisdiction over the Suikoden NeoWiki and a contribution tag to the Castlevania NeoWiki from heavy edits that I have done to assist with a general standardization and general overhaul of a Wiki that appears to need my assistance. (That, and I recently obtained Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia which has given me the motivation to assist).

That's right, I'm a homosexual male and I've found that generally the Neoseeker population has been pretty accepting of that fact. I mean, I am still here, after all.

Some ask why I use Rosa as my current avatar with the tag line 'The Regal Succesor'. The answer is purely because of the regal way in which she looks in that stunning artwork, and the fact that she succeeded the King of Baron as the Queen when the events of Final Fantasy IV finally came to rest. As for it's relationship to me, I am a fighter and always get what I am determined to strive for. If I set my sights on something, my determination will usually shine through and allow me to get it.