Abram the villager
Full NameAbram
AlignmentVillager (Healer)
Abilities/SkillsMedicine Making
Canon AppearancesCastlevania: Order of Ecclesia

[edit] Background

Abram is a citizen of Wygol Village who was kidnapped by Albus and sealed with the power of a Glyph. After having rescued him, he will propose to assist by means of creating potent medicinal products to heal wounds and clear ailments. This will not be offered willingly as Abram does not trust Shanoa on initial contact.

He used to be a thief, but now proclaims to be the town healer having now changed his ways. He resides in the town making potions and tonics, which can be bought from the shop.

Note: Abram is rescued from the lower reaches of Minera Prison Island by absorbing the Torpor Glyph that encapsulates him.

[edit] Quests

1. Running Out of Sage: Bring Abram some Sage.
Reward: Adds Potion and Tonic to Jacob's store

2. Medicinal Ingredients Needed: Bring Abram some Chamomile and Rue.
Reward: Adds Anti-Venom and Uncurse Potion to Jacob's store.

3. Mandrake is the Best Medicine: Bring Abram some Sage and a Mandragora Root.
Reward: Adds High Potion and High Tonic to Jacob's store.

4. Unusual Medicine Components: Bring Abram some Sage and Merman Meat.
Reward: Adds Super Potion to the shop.

[edit] Quotes

"Yo! There you are"
"My stuff really works"
"Thanks and bunch!"

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