Aeon the villager
Full NameAeon
AlignmentVillager (Chef)
AppearancesCastlevania: Order of Ecclesia

[edit] Background

Aeon is a chef who claims to have worked in many different restaurants around the country. He moved to Wygol Village in an attempt to escape the serious competition of the big city. His belief is that nothing is impossible for him to cook. When rescued by Shanoa he offers to repay her by means of making her a snack.

Throughout his cusine journey as Shanoa brings him his requested items to cook dishes, he begins to realize that maybe his cooking is not as good as what he thinks, and confesses that the reason he moved away was not due to competition, but more so to find an audience that liked his dishes.

Note: Aeon is saved by absorbing the Torpor Glyph that holds him immobile in the tower area of Minera Prison Island

[edit] Quests

1. Needs More Salt: Fetch some Salt for Aeon.

2. I've Never Eaten That: Collect some Raw Killer Fish for Aeon.

3. Can't Cook Without Ingredients: Collect some Tasty Meat for Aeon.

[edit] Quotes

"Just watch! I can cook up anything for ya!"
"Thanks for your business"
"Cooking is about love. Just kidding. -laughs-"

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