Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga
Full NameBaba Yaga
AppearancesLords of Shadow
LocationWoes Moor
Voice ActorÈve Karpf

Baba Yaga is a stereotypical old hag witch that lives alone in a treehouse in Woes Moor, which borders the Land of the Necromancers. It is unknown what Baba Yaga's purpose is, wether or not she is a "good" or "bad" witch, but she seems determined to make herself look young and beautiful which is probably so she can seduce men. This mightn't be all that surprising, as she states that she some knights that died trying to help her "tasted so good".

[edit] Lords of Shadow

During his quest, Gabriel Belmont must seek her out so that he may gain access to the Land of the Necromancers. Before she is willing to help Gabriel, Baba Yaga makes Gabriel help her first. It seems that Baba Yaga is having trouble getting the blue roses that are trapped in her music box, which she needs to make herself look young.
To help her, Gabriel must first go to Woes Moor and defeat the possessed scarecrows which have taken the keys to open the music box. When he recovers them, Baba Yaga then sends Gabriel into the music box to retrieve the blue roses. Once he has found what Baba Yaga is looking for, she will return him to his normal size and send him to the Land of the Necromancers. She is slain by Zobek once Gabriel is gone.

[edit] Notes

  • The song that plays when Gabriel activates the music box is a well known song from the original canon - Vampire Killer
  • It seems that she is rivals with Crow Witch Malphas, as the crows in Woes Moor are supposedly Malphas'
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