Full NameBrauner
Abilities/SkillsVampire Powers, Making Portals
AppearancesCastlevania: Portrait of Ruin

[edit] Background

Brauner is the main villain in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. He is a vampire and an artist. He has the ability to use his art skills and combine them with his magic, to create portal paintings. Ever since his daughters died 30 years ago, he has never been the same. In fact he finds two female vampires, Loretta and Stella and goes about brainwashing them into thinking they are his daughters, to replace the ones he lost. Using souls of the departed soldiers from World War II, he seeks to recreate Dracula's Castle. Despite this affiliation, he has no loyalty to Dracula. He ends up being taken by Death after his loss at the hands of the player.

It is he who creates the portraits that you utilise during the game to get from place to place.

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