Full NameCamilla
WeaponGiant Skull
Abilities/SkillsMagic, Vampric Power
AppearancesCastlevania II: Simon's Quest
Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
Castlevania: Circle of the Moon
Castlevania Judgment

[edit] Background

In the three games she has appeared in so far, Camilla has two known titles. One is her actual name, which is shown in Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, but she is also known as Vampira (Meaning Female Vampire) in Simon's Quest, and Rondo Of Blood. In Circle of the Moon, Camilla's has a much larger role than in the two previous games. She resurrects Dracula from his sleep, and is also a boss within the game. She manipulates Hugh Baldwin into attacking the main character, Nathan Graves, but is foiled after Nathan kills her. As you speak to her as a boss, she explains her thought of making the world into soemthing gruesome and a place only inhabited by creatures of darkness.

In the other two games she only appears as a Boss to stop you from killing Dracula, nothing more. But, in Simon's Quest, she poisons Simon previous to fighting him.

[edit] CotM Strategy

This fight will take a long time if you follow the following strategy. Jump to the middle platform and use your spin whip attack. You'll never get hurt, but it takes a LONG time for this to kill her. You'll get the Roc's Wing by beating her.

[edit] Castlevania Judgment

Carmilla in Judgment.

In the game Castlevania Judgment, her name is spelled Carmilla. Although the names are spelt differently, it is the same person despite the drastic change in appearance and personality. Carmilla even being in the game surprised many fans, as she played very little role in most of the games she appeared in. For example, in Simon's Quest, she did not even have a name, while in Rondo of Blood, she played a very insignificant role as well. Her being chosen as one of few playable characters, despite her only significant role in Circle of the Moon where she dies pretty early on as well, even enraged some fans as they wanted some of the other characters, who had more important roles, to be included in the game. It's likely that she only appeared in Castlevania Judgment because the series lacked female characters, therefore the game develops chose every female character possible, even insignificant ones like Carmilla, to increase the number of female characters and appease the male gamers.

As it can be seen from the illustration, she is the "sex sells" strategy of this game. Her costume in the main illustration is purple, yet in-game, her costume is red. She stands out from other characters with her white, soft skin barely covered with extremely small, tight costume that includes many fetishes. Her costume includes long gloves/gauntlets that completely covers her hands and arms and instead of wearing any pants/skirt, she wears a long, thigh-high stocking that covers the front part of her lower legs. Her main "clothes", as if one can even call it clothes for barely covering her body, is a tight, one-piece dress, which somehow looks like a straitjacket because of the metal belt/cuffs, that starts from her breasts and barely comes down to her ass and crotch. Her gigantic, head-sized breasts are covered by her tight dress but just barely enough to cover her nipples. There are zippers on her costume near her breasts area, but her breasts seem too big for the zipper to be closed, suggesting that she is purposefully wearing clothes much smaller than her size to show off her body. Not only this, but there are numerous decorations on her costume that resemble thorns, handcuffs and chains while her costume part on her neck is a dog collar + chains. The dog collar is pressuring her neck so tight that it looks like she can barely breathe, suggesting sadomasochism fetish. As her costume is very small and tight while unnecessarily covering body parts that do not need to be covered, like arms and lower legs, while showing off most parts that need to be covered, in addition to her sadomasochism fetish, she looks extremely slutty. From the front and side, she is showing off most of her shoulders, thighs, armpits, chest and breasts. From the back, it gets even more perverted as her dress on her ass is t-string and her stocking doesn't cover her back legs. Therefore, from the back, she looks almost completely naked as she shows most of her back, legs and ass cheeks. Only clothes she's wearing is the little leather part that covers her waist and the t-string panties style costume that doesn't even cover her ass cheeks. She also wears an extremely high-heeled shoes that look at least 10 cm tall, showing that she is an empty-headed, pretty-face whore who values "beauty" over practicality, but her "beauty" looks more like being a whore. Looking at her slutty character design, it is likely that she was based more on a succubus than a vampire. Her costume is very illogical for someone who needs to fight constantly, but she probably wore her clothes to show off her skins to men in public and get turned on by it.

Not only is her costume perverted, most of her moves are slutty. Despite that she is a vampire and has magic, she uses more physical moves than magic therefore showing more skins. Every time she moves, her gigantic breasts giggle. Before she fights or after she wins a fight, she raises her arms above her head, showing her breasts, then unnecessarily twists her legs and waist and release them, making her breasts bounce crazy. Also, she has some fight moves that make her look like a complete whore. For example, she often lowers her upper body so much that from the opponent's point of view, her breasts are completely shown. At that pose, she runs with both legs and arms like an animal, also pulling her ass out all the way. In another move, she stands on her arms, stretches her legs to the other sides to show her crotch and spins around. Also, she often stretches her legs, making her costume near ass tighter. Also, when the opponent is lying down, she lies down on top of him. She kisses him while using her hands to hold his hands and guide them to touch her thighs and ass. As she kisses him, she lowers her ass and breasts, putting her whole body tightly to his body. She let goes of his hands so that he can touch her thighs and ass all he wants while she uses her hands to touch her own breasts. While this is happening, her tongue and lips don't leave his mouth, then she gradually moves her crotch up and down near his crotch. She gradually moves her ass up and down faster as she moans like a bitch in heat while the guy puts his hands in her tight costume to directly touch her ass and vagina.

However, despite her being half-naked and comprising many fetishes, her popularity in the real world is the lowest, almost pathetic thinking how much clothes she took off to get attention. This is mainly because other characters played more significant roles in previous games and earned fans while Carmilla didn't which raises the question of why was she even in this game. Although her main attribute is supposed to be "sexiness," but fans generally agree that Shanoa is more sexy for her subtle showing of her back. Carmilla looks more like a cheap slut as she blatantly took off too much clothes. As a result, other female characters were able to appear in games after Judgment, but Carmilla was quickly forgotten.

Not only is she being treated poorly by players, but she is also treated badly in-game as almost every character insults or defeats her. She also plays a very insignificant role in the story mode as the big story flows well enough even without her being present at all. Her only defining characteristic is that she is loyal to Dracula, but Dracula does not care about her and she does not even meet Dracula in her story. She also has very little cutscenes in the game. In Alucard's story-line, when Alucard meets Carmilla, he insults her by calling her Dracula's "plaything", which is a mild term for a whore. However, Carmilla doesn't deny this insult as she probably realized that she means nothing to Dracula and he only considers as a "thing" to play with and throw away later. Also, in free mode, many characters have special things to say to other certain characters before the fight starts. However, Carmilla barely has any special dialogue, not even to her creation Golem and her master Dracula. Moreover, her main weapon is a wire claw, which acts like a whip, the most common weapon in this game, therefore her attack and game-play is very similar to others. Even more, her main background music is Bloody Tears, but this was probably given to her just to include the famous music in the game somehow. So, the only characteristics of this character is her loyalty to Dracula and her slutty costume and body, but since she has nothing going on with Dracula, all she has left is her half-naked body. It is obvious that the game develops did not give much thought or efforts to her after ripping off her clothes and making her half-naked slut.

Her personality in the game is awful as she is selfish and arrogant. She cares for no one except herself and Dracula. She looks down on all humans, and other creatures, like flies. For example, when Golem, her creation that calls her mother, visits her and asks her whether he can still become human, Carmilla just laughs at him and tries to destroy him. Also, from what and how she talks, she's an extreme sadist. It is ironical that she herself has a master whom she serves. However, it is pathetic that Dracula considers her as a whore. In Dracula's story mode, when he fights Carmilla, he breaks every bone in her body, then insults her by calling her a waste of time, leaving her on the street to die. However, it is not accurate to call her a sadist as she shows a lot of masochist characteristics as well. For example, she wears such tight and maniac costume that has decorations that resemble handcuffs and dog collar, confining herself so tightly and painfully. Also, when she gets hit, she sometimes moans and screams of pleasure.

For her finisher, she releases her weapon from her arm, showing even more skin, that becomes a huge coffin that confines her enemy. Her opponent's body will be stuck between the coffin, but his face, chest and arms will be out. Carmilla runs toward him like an animal, jiggling her huge breasts again. It also zooms in to her crotch and ass area pretty often. She puts her hand on her opponent's face, touching it and brings her face close to his face. Then they kiss as she brings his one hand to her crotch and another hand to her breast. After they are done, she slaps him and closes the coffin.

As mentioned above, she is generally accepted as a cheap slut by both fans and in-game characters as she gets constantly abused by Dracula but nonetheless is still loyal to him. Although she seems to be a sadist for the most time, she also has a masochist side, therefore in fan-works, she often gets abused, insulted, beaten-up and gang raped by monsters. This is probably because of her arrogant, selfish personality in the game that was annoying and pissed off many players who in return wanted to see her in pain and humiliation as creatures that she laughed at rape her and insults her while she begs for mercy. Although dressed like a slut, she is still a vampire so she is often drugged before. Also, as she is the creature of the night and can live for a long time, she'll live for centuries and be abused and raped as the town whore. She'll also regenerate quickly, so her captives often do extreme things like stabbing or cutting her with a knife to cause her more pain. Carmilla's abuse usually can be divided by monsters and humans. When she gets raped by monsters, she gets beaten up by their extreme power and raped brutally. As male monsters usually look disturbing and disgusting, it shows how much of a slut Carmilla is as she gets orgasm by getting raped by bunch of monsters. As they are technically the same species, she will also get pregnant, thereby being sentenced to eternal life of giving birth of children of monsters. When she gets raped by humans, she gets drugged and tortured by holy power. They would first drug her to make her weak, then rape her brutally as she is insulted as she gets raped and even feels orgasm by creatures she look so down on. Then, they will make her suffer even more by putting on a dog collar with a cross on so that she can feel her whole body burning all the time. They will also inject garlic liquid in her body and feed her food with high concentration of garlic just to give her more pain. They will also sometimes go to a flowing river, force her to put her legs and ass inside the river rand molest her breasts and lips from the back while she is in awful pain. They'll also use sunlight in various rape situations. For example, they will be raping her on the street while the sun is about to come up. The whore will beg them to let her in shade before the sun comes up, but they will laugh at her and say they will allow it only when she makes all of them cum before the sun comes up. She will desperately perform fellatio to them before the sun comes up to live, and they will all cum on her face, making her realize and accept that she is a whore.

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