Circle of the Moon: Bosses


[edit] Cerberus

Well, you made it to your first boss, and I bet your thinking, "I wonder what boss I'll have to fight." Well, Cerberus is a Fire Hound from hell. Sounds quaint, doesn't it. This bad guy has 3 major attack. One, he'll shoot a ray of energy from his mouth and covers the whole field in front of him. Get behind him to dodge. Second, he'll send out two energy clouds that shoot electricity downwards, also, get behind him to dodge this. Third, he'll just charge at you. Get high enough to dodge this. Even though he is fire, use the Fire Whip power up to hurt him badly. You'll get the Double Jump as a reward by beating him.

[edit] Necromancer(Magcician Form)

Wow, so soon and another boss. This guy has 2 forms so watch out. First he'll cover himself in orbs, then he'll shoot them at you, and that's pretty much all he'll do in this form. Like his 2nd for, he can also summon skeletons.

[edit] Necromancer (Demon Form)

Okay, time for a real fight. He has 2 major attacks. One he'll attack you while covered in a green orb, so watch out. Second, he'll summon Skeletons to attack you. Kill them easily. You get the Head Smash for beating him.

[edit] Iron Golem

Okay, have fun with this guy. First, he'll walk at you slowly, and after getting either too close or hurting him enough he will pound on the ground to have gears fall on you. Dodge these, but be notices that if any of it hits him, he heals. You get the wall jump for beating him.

[edit] Adramelech

This is a HARD fight, trust me. He has 2 attacks that are deadly. One, he'll conjure purple orbs that will home in on you. Use the spinning whip to protect yourself. Do be reminded he'll also attack you with bones. Use the Crusifix to really hurt this guy.

[edit] Dragon Zombie

Hardest boss to fight so far. There are two heads so concentrate on hurting on only until it falls because the one that's alive will eat the dead one to heal. This guy uses his head to attack by swinging it back and forth. Once you beat him you will get the item that will allow you to push blocks.

[edit] Death

Yep. You guess it, that's Death. His attacks are similar to the to the Necromancer's, but he also conjure scythes to appear from everywhere. Just do your best and attack him as much as possible till the real fight starts.

[edit] Death(Demon Form)

Okay, you've gotten this far, good luck. I can't say much for him at the moment, but please just make sure you have a lot of Crusifix's with you. Just damage him as much as possible. if you don't have the Crusifix with you, just spam the Holy Water item. it deal moderate damage since this boss is slow.

[edit] Camilla

This is no doubt one of the hardest bosses. This fight will take a long time if you follow the following strategy. Jump to the middle platform and use your spin whip attack. You'll never get hurt, but it takes a LONG time for this to kill her. You'll get the Roc's Wing by beating her.

[edit] Hugh Baldwin

Yes, he's fighting you. Be careful because he uses ALL of the items that you could use. (I.E Knifes, Holy Water). His weapon is a sword. Now, at one point after taking a lot of damage he'll go into a angered state where he will use two of the same item at once, and he'll be faster.

Beat him, and you'll get the Final Key to fight Dracula.

[edit] Dracula(Vampire Form)

This fights pretty easy. Just throw Crusifix's at this guy and he'll go down. But then, the next fight will happen.

But just in case your having trouble, he has really one attack which is to send out bats in a swarm at you. Just jump over them. He'll teleport often so keep watch.

[edit] Dracula (Demon Form)

The last boss. Yes, your there. The most dangerous attack this guy has is shooting meteors down from the sky. This attack is almost impossible to dodge. Once this guy starts charging, use the Roc's Wing constantly till he transforms into a eye. Then attack him with whatever you need too.

You beat he game by beating this guy, duh.

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