Combat Cross

Combat Cross
Gabriel holding the Combat Cross.
First AppearanceCastlevania: Lords of Shadow
Used ByGabriel Belmont

The Combat Cross is the primary weapon used by Gabriel in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. It is a re-imagining of the legendary Vampire Killer from the original Castlevania canon. Gabriel was rewarded with the Combat Cross by the Brotherhood of Light, the holy order to which he belongs, though it is never made clear wether he has possessed it for some time or if it was given to him specifically for his quest against the Lords of Shadow.


[edit] History

The origins of the Combat Cross are shrouded in mystery, though it has been in the possession of the Brotherhood for some time and is rumoured to be made from the nails used against martyrs, possibly adding to it's power against unholy creatures. A member of the Brotherhood, Rinaldo Gandolfi, has created several upgrades for the Combat Cross. However, not all have been approved by the Brotherhood, so Gandolfi has stored these upgrades in several of the Brotherhood of Light's mausoleums across the land believing they may one day be needed.

[edit] Upgrades


[edit] Hook Tip

Upgrade found: The Dead Bog

Gabriel will come across the first upgrade for the Combat Cross while he is passing through the Dead Bog, on his way to see the Guardian of the Lake. The Hook Tip will be extremely useful in Gabriel's journey as it will help him to use the Combat Cross as a sort of grapple to reach high-up places, scale down walls, and run across walls. It can also be used to pull smaller enemies closer to Gabriel, or allow Gabriel to swing himself into larger foes.

[edit] Spiked Chain


Upgrade found: Underground Caves

This particular upgrade, which can be found beneath the ruins of the city of Agharta, was frowned upon by the Brotherhood, as they believed it was too vicious for a weapon which is supposed to be used for holy purposes. Nonetheless, this upgrade will allow Gabriel to saw through obstacles blocking his path, as well as wrap around the throats of larger foes which he can use as mounts.

[edit] Stake

Upgrade found: Wygol Village


The final upgrade for the Combat Cross that Gabriel finds, located in a mausoleum which also serves as a way into the catacombs of Vincent Dorin's abbey; it will allow him to kill the many vampires that infest Wygol Village. After dazing the lesser vampire minions, Gabriel will be given the chance to stake them to earn extra neutral elemental orbs. After using the new upgrade to save Wygol Village from a vampire raid, the people dub the Combat Cross "Vampire Killer". In the face-off against the Vampire Dark Lord, Gabriel will ending up breaking the stake when it becomes lodged in the Dark Lord's chest.

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