[edit] Overview

The dagger is seen as the most basic weapon of the Castlevania series. It's also said to be the weakest in most cases, so it's not overly desirable but does have redeeming qualities.

[edit] Usage

The dagger is used exactly how you would expect, by throwing it in a straight line in front of you. This means that it's not the weapon of choice when it comes to an enemy that tends to move around because it'll miss more than it'll hit. The dagger redeems itself as a usable weapon by being a fast weapon, in fact it's the fastest of the lot. So if you want to sacrifice power for speed, the dagger is the weapon for you.

[edit] Silver Dagger

In Lords of Shadow, the first and only sub-weapon that Gabriel starts off with are the Silver Daggers. Like daggers from previous games, they are used as a ranged weapon which Gabriel can throw ahead of him, either one at a time or several at once. Alternatively, Gabriel can combine the silver daggers with Shadow Magic to imbue them with fire. As expected, the silver daggers are particularly effective against were-wolf type enemies.

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