Full NameDaniela
Canon AppearancesCastlevania: Order of Ecclesia

[edit] Background

Daniela is an elderly woman of Wygol Village. When she meets Shanoa, she is a little dissapointed that it's not Albus. Believing herself to be too old to be of much use, she can even be heard claiming that her blood is too stale for Dracula. As such, she doesn't have a care in the world for her own well being.

Alluding to her heritage of the Belmont Clan, she makes mention on occasion of monster hunts that she would participate in with her grandfather when she was younger. In one instance she mentions to Shanoa how he used to take her to the Lighthouse at the end of a battle to enjoy the views.

In an effort to make conversation, she will sometimes let slip the desire to see and recollect certain images from her past. She gifts Shanoa with a Skethcbook which can be used to vividly repaint the memories of her past. It's often though, that once presented with a drawing, she'll forget she'd even asked for it and question the protagonist as to how she'd known that those events were what would bring her happiness in remembrence.

Note: Daniela is freed from her prison of torment by absorbing the Torpor Glyph that holds her captive in Giant's Dwelling

[edit] Quests

1. A Beacon of Hope: Use the Sketchbook at the top of the Lighthouse.
Reward: Garbo Hat.

2. Important Resting Place: Use the Sketchbook at the waterfall in Tristis Pass.
Reward: Treasure Hat.

3. Tragic Memories: Use the Sketchbook at the church in Oblivion Ridge.
Reward: Dowsing Hat.

[edit] Quotes

"Oh! Thank goodness"
"Oh mi"
"My, my"

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