Gem Medallions

In Lords of Shadow, Gem Medallions are special items which can make their holder more powerful. The 3 different types are Life, Light and Shadow gem medallions. Each medallion has 5 slots, and if each slot is filled the power of the medallion will be upgraded. The magic medallions - Light and Shadow - can be activated to imbue the holders power with Light and Shadow magic. While the magic medallions are activated, they will continually drain the magic stored in them, though certain attack will use up more magic than others. Magic can be restored to the medallions using neutral energy orbs.


[edit] Life Gem Medallion

Every member of the Brotherhood of Light is given a Life Gem Medallion. They are green in colour, and as the name suggests they will allow their holder to endure more damage than usual. Finding 5 gems to fit into the slots on the medallion will increase Gabriel's health.

[edit] Light Gem Medallion

Zobek hands Gabriel the Light Medallion

Given to Gabriel by Zobek after the defeat of the Ice Titan. The Light Gem Medallion is blue in colour and allows it's holder to use the power of Light Magic. Upgrading this medallion will increase the amount of light magic Gabriel can use. Light magic adds healing properties to Gabriel's attack, healing him for each succesful hit on an enemy, but can also be combined with sub-weapons and other artefacts Gabriel has.
For Example:

  • Being combined with faires will cause the fairies to charge into enemies and explode.
  • Being combined with holy water will create a magic shield around Gabriel.

[edit] Shadow Gem Medallions

Gabriel finds the Shadow Medallion

Found by Gabriel on the body of a knight from his Brotherhood. The Shadow Gem Medallion is red in colour and allows it's holder to use the power of Shadow Magic. Upgrading it allows Gabriel to use more shadow magic than usual. Shadow magic is more destructive in nature than light magic, and can also be combined with sub-weapons and artefacts.
For Example:

  • Being combined with daggers will create flaming daggers
  • Being combined with the shadow gauntlet will allow Gabriel to perform a powerful charge that can break weakened calls or move extremely heavy objects.

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