Grant DaNasty

Grant DaNasty
Full NameGrant DaNasty
RaceHuman/Vampire Hunter
(Former Pirate)
AlignmentThe Belmont Clan
Abilities/SkillsUncanny agility
Can cling to almost any surface
Climbing on walls and ceilings
AppearancesCastlevania III: Dracula's Curse
Castlevania Judgment


[edit] Background

Grant was originally a man from Wallachia, a royal and very rich family, who became a pirate. When Dracula killed his family he sought revenge but this only resulted further tragedy when Dracula transformed Grant into a monster to gaurd his Clock Tower. Trevor Belmont found him here and after a feirce battle, he freed Grant from his curse. Grant joined forces with Trevor, Sypha and Alucard to help destroy Dracula in 1476.

[edit] In Symphony of the Night

In this game, Alucard fights zombie illusions of Grant, Sypha Belnades and Trevor Belmont as bosses.

[edit] In Castlevania Judgment

Grant DaNasty appears as a playable character. His story is a romantic tragedy as he'd fallen in love with Sypha Belnades who ended up marrying Trevor Belmont. He refused to go the wedding and will never be able to let it go completely.

[edit] Concept Art/Renders

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