Henry Oldrey

Henry Oldrey
Full NameHenry Oldrey
FamilyMaster Oldrey (Father)
Mary (Mother)
Canon AppearancesCastlevania: Legacy of Darkness

[edit] Background

Henry Oldrey appears in the game Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness as a playable character. He wears armour like a knight but his main weapon of choice is a gun.

Cornell first meets Henry when he saves his life from a chainsaw wielding maniac. His house had come under attack from vampires, including his father, and his mother had told Cornell to go on and save her son without any consideration toward her own fate. After making an escape from the labyrinth, Henry escapes into the forest to start a new life with Cornell and Ada.

Henry takes on a number of changes during the next eight years of his life. He refines his skills as a knight and works for the Orthodox Church. He finds out that Dracula's Castle is the holding place of several kidnapped children and discovers he only has a week in which to save them. There is no order in which the children have to be saved, giving the player a certain degree of flexibility in their gameplay.

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