Julia Laforeze

Julia Laforeze

Full NameJulia Laforeze
Race/StatusHuman/Witch and Merchant
FamilyIsaac (Brother), Hector (Love Relationship)
Canon AppearancesCastlevania: Curse of Darkness

[edit] Background

Julia is the sister of Isaac. She hates her brother and is desperate to see him defeated. She appears in Castlevania: Curse of Darkness. She meets Hector at Baljhet Mountains and finds out his goal is to eliminate her hated brother. She decides to give Hector some information (but does not inform him he's her brother), sells potions and items to him, along with taking care of his Innocent Devils. She then continues to play a role through the story of the game. She tells Hector in the end, asking him not to kill her brother, which leads on to the event of his body becoming the new host for Dracula. When he is finally defeated, she and Hector admit their feelings for one another with Julia giving up her magic.

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