Juste Belmont

Juste Belmont
Full NameJuste Belmont
Race/StatusHuman/Vampire Hunter
FamilySimon Belmont (Grandfather)
AlignmentThe Belmont Clan
WeaponsVampire Killer
AppearancesCastlevania: Harmony of Dissonance


[edit] Background

Juste is the main character in Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance. In this game he goes through Dracula's castle with Maxim Kischine to save his friend Lydie Erlanger. With him he takes the Vampire Killer and a bracelet identical to one worn by Maxim, made famous by The Belmont Clan of which he is descended. His magical talent surpass the expectations of even the Belmont family. There are a total of three different possible endings to the game depending on the Castle.

[edit] Ending One

True Maxim begs Juste to kill him, but is consumed by evil and begins to fight him. Juste defeats Maxim, saves Lydie and leaves Maxim in the castle as it disappears.

[edit] Ending Two

Maxim welcomes Juste and boasts of his great power, fueled further by the blood of Lydie (for he bit her). Juste fights and wins but Maxim has the last laugh in stating that both he and Lydie will die and that Juste has lost. Juste ends up leaving the castle with both bodies inside dissolving, cursing it all.

[edit] Ending Three

Ending three is a more or less a combination of the first two. Maxim welcomes Juste, once again boasting his great power and inherited abilities from Lydie. Juste is wearing both bracelets, which Maxim notices and begs Juste to kill him. Dracula's body parts spontaneously rise into the air, Dracula using the power to leave Maxim and enter his old body. He then tells Juste that all he needs is blood of the Belmont family to return to true power once more. Upon his loss, Dracula's body burns to ashes.

The three heroes then appear outside of the castle. Maxim makes his apologies while Lydie inquires as to why she thinks she's been bitten. Maxim wants to tell her the truth but Juste refuses him, telling her in a lie that it was just a dream. Juste and Maxim look ready to fight again but Lydie gets in the way, stopping them before any further violence can occur. It finishes with Lydie saying to Juste how they haven't been home for a long time.

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