Laura the Jeweler
Full NameLaura
AlignmentVillager (Jeweler)
Abilities/SkillsMaking jewelry
AppearancesCastlevania: Order of Ecclesia

[edit] Background

Laura had her future told, saying that in Wygol Village, she would find love and success. Upon meeting Shanoa she simply can not fathom why someone as beautiful as the heroine would dress as through she were in mourning. She makes jewelry which can be brought from the shop.

She is concerned when she finds that Shanoa doesn't smile and is appauled by her lacklustre dress sense, so sets to assisting with the crafting of exquisite jewelry pieces to compliment the protagonist's attire.

Note: Laura is released from captivity when the Torpor Glyph is absorbed in Tymeo Mountains.

[edit] Quests

1. A Lucky Stone: Bring Laura a Lapis Lazuli.

2. A Pleasant Accessory: Bring Laura an Emerald, Sapphire and a Ruby.

3. A Heartwarming Accessory: Bring Laura a Diamond and an Onyx.

4. The Job of a Lifetime: Bring Laura an Alexandrite.

[edit] Quotes

"Thank You"
"May the light go with you"

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