Laura (Vampire)

Full NameLaura
AppearancesLords of Shadow
FamilyDark Lord of the Vampires ("Mother")
WeaponFangs, Magic
Voice ActorGrave Vance

Laura is a powerful vampire who has been adopted as a daughter by the Vampire Dark Lord. She resembles a child, and forces anyone who enters the castle to play her games. However, she is also extremely dangerous and is capable of using powerful magic.

[edit] Origins and Personality

Laura's origins are somewhat shrouded in mystery. What is certain is that she is not the biological daughter of the Dark Lord of the Vampires. It is possible that she was found by the Vampire Dark Lord as a child, and then changed into a vampire, which is why she looks like a child. However, Laura is most likely years older than she appears, as according to Zobek it takes vampires years before they take on the appearance of "high-born humans". Despite this, Laura still has the attitude of a child, and a spoiled one at that. She makes people who manage to enter the castle play her games, her idea of toys are giant voodoo dolls, and she is an extremely bad loser. Despite all her bad traits, Laura is also capable of kindness and mercy, which is odd for a vampire.

[edit] Lords of Shadow

When Gabriel Belmont enters the castle, he first encounters Laura in a room with a giant board game that resembles chess. She asks Gabriel to play her game, Vampire Wargame, and when he refuses she angrily states that she won't help him find the Dark Lord. When Gabriel plays her game and beats her, she isn't happy but allows Gabriel to proceed. However, when she encounters Gabriel again later on she is even more upset than before. Upset about losing at her own game, she accuses Gabriel of cheating and sends her giant possessed voodoo doll "toys" to attack him. When they are defeated, Laura attempts to kill Gabriel and nearly succeeds using her lightning magic. However, when Marie appears to Gabriel urging him to stay strong, Laura somehow has the ability to see Marie and is touched by her words. Becoming overly-emotional from witnessing Marie's love for Gabriel, she says "I don't want to play anymore" before disappearing into the shadows. Zobek believes Laura still has memories of her real mother, which caused her to have mercy on Gabriel.

Sometime when Gabriel is off in the Land of the Necromancers bringing an end to his quest, Laura notices something is wrong with the castle. Since the Dark Lord of the Vampires defeat, there has been no one to keep order amongst the monsters in the castle. She also realises that the seal on the prison of the Forgotten One, a powerful demon originally sealed away by the founders of the Brotherhood of Light is weakening. She then telepathically calls Gabriel for help, summoning him back to the castle. After going deep into the castle, Gabriel and Laura must complete several puzzles to find some blood samples for each of the Lords of Shadow. Once they do, they use to blood to open a gate to the realm where the Forgotten One is currently being held. However, before Gabriel goes through, Laura tells him he will die because he is not dark enough. She makes Gabriel drink some of her blood, which causes him to be in pain. She then tells him he must drink it all until it replaces his own, and that she no longer wants to live as a vampire. Gabriel then drinks her blood until she dies.

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