Lisa Farenheights

Lisa Farenheights
Lisa SotN portrait.jpg
Full NameLisa Farenheights
Adrian Farenheights Tepes
Abilities/SkillsMedical Skills
Canon AppearancesCastlevania: Symphony of the Night

[edit] Background

Lisa Farenheights was a skilled doctor and wife to Dracula. The two shared a happy existence and had a son, Alucard. However, when her expertise in medicine was mistaken as witchcraft, Lisa was declared a witch and set to be burned at the stake as is customary. Alucard attended this so he could hear his mother's last words. She told her son not to hate the humans and to tell his father she'll always love him. This tragedy fueled Dracula's hatred of humans and tore a rift between Alucard and his father. This caused Alucard to fight his father to bring peace once again.

In Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, a Succubus pretends to be Lisa and confronts Alucard in an attempt to turn him through the illusion. The Succubus demands he exacts revenge by killing the humans who killed her. Alucard, remembering the dying words of his mother, easily sees through the guise and promptly slays the foul creature.

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