List of R Glyphs

Name MP Description
Magnes 5 Create an attractive magnetic field.
Paries 5 Pass through solid walls in specific locations.
Volaticus 20 Conjures a pair of wings, allowing the power of flight.
Rapidus Fio 80 A glyph of divine motion that enables faster movement.
Vis Fio 80 Temporarily increase STR and the effects of physical glyphs.
Fortis Fio 80 Temporarily increase CON and physical resistance.
Sapiens Fio 80 Temporarily increase INT and the effects of magical glyphs.
Fides Fio 80 Temporarily increase MIND and magic resistance.
Felicem Fio 80 Grants the user a temporary boost of LUCK.
Inire Pencunia 80 Temporarily increase the amount of money received from enemies.
Arma Felix 80 Grants cat-like abilities.
Arma Chiroptera 80 Grants bat-like abilities.
Arma Machina 80 Grants every ability of an automaton.
Refectio 80 Increases the rate of physical regeneration.
Arma Custos 80 Grants the mighty power of Cerberus.
Fidelis Caries 80 Summon zombies that fight to the death.
Fidelis Alate 80 Summon guardians to glide down from above.
Fidelis Polkir 80 Summon Polkir to descend on your enemies.
Fidelis Noctua 80 Summon owls to soundlessly descend.
Fidelis Medusa 80 Summo Medusa Heads in a strangely familiar pattern.
Fidelis Aranea 80 Summon skull spiders to skitter about when needed.
Fidelis Mortus 80 Summon a lively assortment of the dead.
Dominus Agony 66 One piece of Dominus; shrouds you in Dracula's magic.
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