Albus with his gun
Full NameMalus
Abilities/SkillsVampiric Powers
Canon AppearancesN/A
Castlevania 64

[edit] Background

Malus is a non playable character. In one encounter with Carrie Fernandez and Reinhardt Schneider, he runs in to Dracula's castle after escape the maze of hedges. They then find him raving mad, going on about Dracula before he runs off again and they pursue. They kill a vampire, they believe to be Dracula, and attempt to escape the falling debris. On the way out it turns out that the vampire was Gilles de Rais in disguise and Malus attacks them with bow and arrow, mounted upon a dark pegasus. After following him the player witnesses the transformation from child to adult, from Malus to Dracula. After defeating Dracula, he turns back into a kid, and Charlie Vincent hurls holy water onto him. You then find out it's not Dracula at all, but Malus can change into whatever form he wishes. He then transports you, the player, to another place for a battle. Charlie Vincent is key, so if you lose him, you ultimately fail and save the evil child.

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