Marcel the villager
Full NameMarcel
Canon AppearancesCastlevania: Order of Ecclesia

[edit] Background

Marcel left his home town on a hunch that his next big scoop as a journalist would come from discovering the existance of witches, wizards and monsters in Wygol Village. His hunch turns out to be correct when he is captured by Albus and imprisoned with a Glyph. When rescured by Shanoa he makes a passing comment that not only does she appear to be what he's looking for in terms of the next big article, but that she's also quite attractive which would indicate a slight interest in her.

He becomes very dissapointed when headquarters will not accept his cover story of Shanoa. In exchange for leaving her, and her abilities alone, he strikes a bargain with her where she agrees to take pictures of various monsters for different stories, instead. In order to do this, Marcel gifts Shanoa with a camera.

It is later noted that his magazine generally covers sports based events, however his curiosity had him branch out a little in an attempt to find something more interesting.

Note: Marcel is released from his prismatic confinement by absorbing the Torpor Glyph that confines him on the misty summit of Tymeo Mountains.

[edit] Quests

1. Case of the Vicious Blight: Take a picture of a Cave Troll.
Reward: 6000 Gold and adds "Frontier" Issue 1 to Jacob's store.

2. Case of the Demon Horse: Take a picture of a Jersey Devil.
Reward: 8000 Gold and adds "Frontier" Issue 2 to Jacob's store.

3. Case of the Hideous Snowman: Take a picture of a Yeti.
Reward: Adds Frontier Issue Final to the shop.

[edit] Quotes

"Got any good stories?"
"I'll be counting on you again"
"-gasp- This is a scoop!"

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