Maxim Kischine

Maxim Kischine
Full NameMaxim Kischine
WeaponsStellar Sword
Canon AppearancesCastlevania: Harmony of Dissonance

[edit] Background

Maxim Kischine has been a close friend of Juste Belmont since they were just kids. He's a vampire hunter with ninja like attributes who stars in the game Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance. His weapon is called the Stellar Sword which is fast and can quickly rack up the damage, even in comparison to the Vampire Killer Whip. It's a small sword from Japan called a Wazikashi.

The story begins with learning of how Maxim could always best Juste in a fight. Maxim goes off to become even stronger and is not seen or heard from for an entirety of two whole years. He then suddenly reappears wounded, with memory loss and proclaiming that Lydie Erlange is kidnapped (Lydie Erlange being another friend from their childhood). This of course is all lies, as Maxim's true intentions are to resurrect Dracula.

It's a bit different to those who want to reign under him, however, for Maxim wants to bring him back just to slay him again due to the Vampire Killer. Maxim stuffs up and becomes consumed by darkness, splitting Maxim into two distinct personalities.

This split personality leads to three different possible endings. These can be found on the page for Juste Belmont.

Maxim Kischine in an action pose.
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