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[edit] Background

As the monks fell to plague and more indulgent lifestyles, this sacred place fell into disrepair. Now, rumors suggest that criminals and strange creatures have taken refuge within its once-holy walls.

[edit] Walkthrough

The decrepit ruins of the once ancient hall of monks is laid out in a pretty simple fashion (which is no surprise considering that it is the first real dungeon).

The entrance lies among the oaks of elderly trees that surround the stone walls of the citadel. Crossing the threshold, Shanoa will find herself in a room that is scattered with debris and stacked furniture. In the background statues rise over hearths that are empty of flame. This first hallway contains five Skeletons that the protagonist will need to dispatch. Watch out, as they will throw their bones at you.

After taking out the undead, the next room is a vertical shaft that will take Shanoa up the interior of the establishment. Flowing on from this room, to the right, is yet another corridor containing a single Skeleton and two Zombies. The latter do not constantly animate in this room, so you can take them out and not have to worry about them again until you leave the room. Destroying the candles will also result in a small monetary reward.

The following room contains a warp that will now be activated. The partner to this is all the way at the top of the building, so at this point, you can't really do anything.

Returning to the vertical shaft, it's time to begin the ascent. Heading up, be sure to watch out for the Bats that can fly out from under the ledges. There is a chest on the first ledge which will contain one of four randomly generated items (Watch out for the Bat!). As you get higher you will also encounter more Bats and another Skeleton - both quite easy to dispatch though.

Should you choose to exit to the right, you will be in a small chamber that has a treasure chest. There are two Skeletons along the way as well as two Banshees that will appear out of nowehere. True, they may just look like little girls, but don't let that fool you as they aren't as innocent as they seem. Take them all out.

Heading back and exiting to the left will take you through another long corridor containing four Skeletons to dispatch allong the way.

The next room is another verticle shaft, however this one requires the Magnes Glyph in order to climb. To the left again is a Save Room, be sure to use it if you are injured or wish to save your progress. Returning to the shaft, if you use the glyph to propel yourself all the way to the top and take the left exit you'll be taken into a large room packed full of old furniture. Be careful though, as Ghosts haunt this retreat, and they will respawn, so there is a never ending stream of the little critters! The chest on the raised ledge contains the Fool Ring which you can acquire once you obtain the Ordinary Stone much later. If you head to the bottom right corner there is a small cat that you can rescue and it will return to Wygol Village. Watch out for the pesky little Banshee though!

The room on the left contains an endless drop of cubes from the ceiling. Behind the charade is a glyph which can only be absorbed once you have it revealed for long enough, without the cubes in the way. It can not be done until a little later in the game, with more powerful glyphs. Once the Cubus Glyph has been absorbed, Shanoa can clear out the remaining cubes to reveal a treasure chest that contains the Justice Ring.

Heading back to the magnet shaft, taking the exit to the right will lead to a long hallway that contains an endless army of Zombies. The decor has also changed to something a little more shady, with beakers and experimental items littered around which leads one to question the true nature of the monks that had previously resided here. Heck, maybe they are the Zombies! Fight your way through to come out in another largish room filled with Ghosts. If you head up and take the top left exit, there will be a small room with a treasure chest and assortment of monsters that have already been encountered.

Returning back to the previous room, exit to the bottom right. This small room contains a Bone Scimitar that can leave behind a Secare which is quite useful. There are also a few Banshees in this room too, so be wary.

The next room is another vertical shaft with hanging ledges. Be careful as there are Bats hiding along here also. Throw in some bone tossing Skeletons and it may become a bit of a chore to climb this shaft. Once at the top exit right to come to another small alchemy laboratory. This one contains a small chest and an assortment of monsters to dispatch. But there isn't anything here, that you haven't seen before.

At the top of the shaft again, taking the left exit will take Shanoa to the longest hall yet, also filled with Zombies. Cut your way through them to reach the other side.

The last small shaft will now be entered. Directly opposite where you entered is another Save Room so take advantage of it. Heading up and to the left is the sister to the warp at the bottom of the building. To the right is the boss chamber so be prepared.

Once you defeat Arthroverta, head right to find Albus who'll chat for a little and then leave.

[edit] Monsters

[edit] Treasures

Brown Chest

Green Chest

Red Chest

Blue Chest

[edit] Map


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