Full NameOlrox
Brute strength
AssociatesDark Lord of the Vampires
Brauner (Brother)

In Lords of Shadow, Olrox is one of the Vampire Dark Lord's generals. He seems to act as the Vampire Dark Lord's bodyguard, blocking the way to the Dark Lord's throne room.

[edit] Description

Both Olrox and his brother, Brauner, are demons that were summoned from the depths of Hell by the Vampire Dark Lord to serve as generals in the Dark Lord's army. When Gabriel Belmont is on his way to defeat the Dark Lord, it is Olrox who blocks his path to the throne room. During their fight, he will let Gabriel know of his disgust that Gabriel has come to challenge the Dark Lord. When Olrox is killed, Gabriel must use his spilled blood to open the way to the throne room.

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